Our Giants

We are a highly committed team of OKR professionals who work with our own proprietary methodology which covers the skills, practices, habits and culture you need for OKR success.


We want you to become awesome at OKRs

That’s why you can expect a bit of tough love, which means:

  • We will both guide and challenge you to make sure you learn and embed OKR skills and practice.
  • While we’ve decoded OKRs for you and our methodology gives you a starting point, steps to follow and shows you what best practice looks like, we won’t always hand you the answers – we will sometimes coach you so you get there yourself.
  • We will help you to build up an internal resource of OKR knowledge and skills which will help sustain OKRs after we’ve left.
  • You might find that those people who aren’t right for your business won’t stick around.

We get the human side of business, but not at the expense of actually getting the business done.

Soft and fluffy we ain’t.

Meet our Giants

Our people are everything to us. If they’re not right, your experience of us will fall short and we won’t be able to sleep at night. That’s why we carefully hand-pick our Giants to make sure they share our values and have what’s needed to deliver the impact you need.

Meet the core Giants.

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The Founder

I’ve always had a strong focus on performance and I spotted the need for businesses to hugely improve how they built their strategy/plans.


I recognised that OKRs were the answer and have since built TBG into what it is today – a highly committed team of OKR professionals who are passionate about helping businesses grow.

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Head of OKR Projects

If OKRs are a part of it, then I am a part of it.


Whether via client delivery, sales, partner relations or methodology development.


I’m the Ops guy. The one pulling the strings behind the scenes to keep us on track to making 5000 businesses awesome by the end of 2021.

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The Glue

I’m the Giants ‘Client Growth Manager’ – known to the team at TBG as ‘The Glue’.


Keeping things ordered and organised. I work behind the scenes with Roger and Lawrence continually striving to ensure a sleek and professional customer journey.


I love engaging with new people, so my role as new lead on-boarding is something that I love to do. Never too busy to chat : Always available for coffee.

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Culture Guru

I co-ordinate the TBG Culture Practice and work with organisations to create a healthy culture.


I enjoy working with people to help them draw on their strengths, values, and purpose to maximise professional effectiveness and personal contentment.


I bring a wealth of experience and I’m qualified in adult education, executive, leadership and management coaching and mentoring, coach supervision, Transactional Analysis, NLP, meditation and behavioural safety leadership. Let’s chat healthy cultures.

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Brand Buddy

I’m in charge of getting the TBG name out there! All things marketing, that’s me!


I work with the team to spread the word about OKR awesomeness around the globe. I also tell stories about the work we’re doing with our clients and hook up with our OKR partners on a range of projects.


I love thinking of new ways to champion team TBG, and I’m always open to linking up with others.

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Junior Consultant

I work alongside Lawrence and Roger and support them on client projects, so you’ll be seeing lots of me if you work with team TBG.


I also have the responsibility of owning the most precious thing we have – our methodology. I ensure this is updated and reflects all best OKR practices and principles.

Meet the expert Giants:

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I’m all about people, harnessing human potential, inspiring them to be their fabulous and authentic selves – focus on this and have a great strategy, and you help to influence real sustainable change. Also ghost hunting, I’m a pretty damn good ghost hunter and ghost hunt team leader.

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I work with organisations that see an opportunity to disrupt in order to make something work better for more people but need some help to bring their team along with the change with flair, creativity and empathy!

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My strength is my creativity to ensure people grow and, value the many skills and attributes that maybe hidden. Ultimately enabling them to transform for positive change. I also have a passion to get ‘beneath the skin’ of an organisation to truly understand business drivers and, associated gaps to then lead on value and, change initiatives to increase customer results and business growth ambitions.

Meet the furry Giants…

who snore lots and make us laugh

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Chief Dog Officer

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Chief of Mischief

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Head of Play

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Chief Walking Officer


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