The OKR Coach Handbook

A practical guide to working with Objectives & Key Results!


What’s it about?

Unlike most of the OKR books you will find, the OKR Coach Handbook does exactly what it says; it’s a simple handbook for those in organisations wanting to use OKRs to help bring focus, raise engagement and strengthen alignment. You won’t find much in the way of theory or stories about how they have worked in highly unique business ecosystems like Silicon Valley. What it gives you are practical steps you can take to launch OKRs and then help build and maintain their momentum.

Based directly on the TBG proven OKR methodology which has helped clients all over the globe use OKRs to become more agile, innovative and outcome-focused, the OKR Coach Handbook will be your handy companion as you begin to see the true value this exciting way of working can bring.


About the Author

Roger Longden is our CEO and founder. Roger has always had a strong focus on performance and spotting the need for businesses to hugely improve how they built their strategy/plans, he recognised that OKRs were the answer.

Roger has built TBG into what it is today – a highly committed team of OKR professionals who are passionate about helping businesses grow. The OKR Handbook is a book that Roger is very passionate about, he wanted to create a handbook that anyone new to OKRs can pick up and learn from not one riddled with theory, but a book that gives practical steps to help launch OKRs and build and maintain their momentum.


The OKR Coach Handbook: A practical guide to setting up & running OKRs