Working with OKRs and Steamhaus

by Gill Arnott | Jan 22, 2019

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Our business is OKRs and there’s nothing more we like to talk about. When our clients start to love them as much as we do, and take the lead in popping a great article on their website, we know we’re doing something right!

Steamhaus worked with There Be Giants Founder, Roger Longden, around 2 years ago. While Daniel Keighron-Foster was at first a little sceptical, he still wanted to know more and saw the value potential.  His business partner on the other hand had firmly placed OKRs on his ‘business bullshit’ radar – Dan’s words not ours!  Have a read of Daniel’s blog  –  It’s a great piece and highlights how getting the team on board really does help.

To quote Dan “It’s fair to say that the best value for us has been derived at company leadership level and within our sales and marketing teams; our primary objectives when we started implementing this were around revenue growth + profitability, customer satisfaction and product definition and development” – Daniel Keighron-Foster Steamhaus.

Many organisations fail with OKRs – through no direct fault of anyone involved. A major hurdle is getting all your employees working towards a common goal. Getting your team aligned can be tricky. Organisations are complex, and this can cause goals to be out of sync.  Our blog on getting your goals aligned is another though provoker – ‘Don’t run before you can jump‘   At There Be Giants our aim is to remove the old and we feel fairly pointless annual appraisal with OKRs – Objectives and Key Results.

Wherever you are on the OKR journey, whatever pitfalls you may have fallen into, we’re here to help you.   The future isn’t orange! It’s OKR driven and our aim is to ensure you and your organisation are on board.