Who would have thought things could change so fast?

by Roger Longden | Mar 23, 2020

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COVID-19 eh?  Who would have thought things could change so fast?

First off – it goes without saying that all of team TBG are keeping everything crossed in the hope that you and your families are safe and healthy, and continue to be. These are testing times and the more habits and routines we can maintain, the easier it will be to adjust when life can get back to normality.

Some of you might have spotted that myself and Lawrence were working in New Zealand less than a week ago. After a really successful (and somewhat surreal) trip, it was touch-and-go on us making it back in time, but we did and we’re straight into our new way of 100% remote working. This means the team are already working with clients all over the world via video and still generating the impact expected of us.

We already had an online package for remote OKR set up so we’re all set for the new way of working. If you want to see how that looks, here’s a 7 min walk through video

A big fat tip right now: DON’T DROP YOUR OKRS, PIVOT THEM

We already know OKRs work great as a framework for engagement and alignment and now, as everyone moves to remote working, is the time they can REALLY deliver for you.

I’ve put together a short video on how you can do this.

We want to help

So, team TBG is offering free 30 min coaching calls to help you work out how you can really maximise OKRs to help your teams remain aligned through COVID-19.  Whether you are a client or not, anyone is welcome to book a coaching call with us. 

Just click below to book your call 


Stay safe, fit and healthy everyone.

Roger & the team

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