When do you need an OKR consultant?

by Jenny Bowes | Apr 22, 2021

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The OKR methodology is a set of practices and principles which can adapt to every organisation. This ensures that OKRs are embedded in the most impactful way. If your organisation is considering implementing OKRs there are a couple of things you need to know before you get started. You may need the advice and guidance of an experienced OKR consultant to help you extract the maximum possible value from this goal-setting process.

When setting ambitious goals for a business, it helps to have a leader or coach that can guide you on the right path. That’s where an OKR consultant comes in. Their expertise and knowledge can keep your organisation on track to achieving your growth goals. Learn more about this role and whether you need one below. 

1. When implementing an organisational roll-out or pilot

OKRs can be a big change for a lot of organisations, so it’s important to consider the implementation strategy you will use. Many larger organisations that we work with choose to run a pilot, learn from the pilot and then roll out the process to the wider organisation. But, every organisation is different and so it’s important for you to consider what’s right for your teams. 

Working with an OKR consultant at the beginning of the goal-setting process can help your organisation find its feet and boost your chances of success.

2. When deciding on OKR cycles and review schedules

When setting out with OKRs it’s important to consider the cadence you will run to, many organisations work to a 3 or 4-month cadence, but it’s important to work to a cadence that works for you and your people. You should also consider how the check-in process will work for your teams. Will you check in on a daily basis with a weekly reflection? Or does a bi-weekly reflection fit better for your teams? 

An OKR coach or consultant can guide you through this process and help you find an option that suits your teams’ needs. It’s crucial to remember that nothing is set in stone. As you progress throughout the OKR process, it’s likely that you’ll make tweaks and changes to meet your business requirements.

3. During the testing, learning and adapting process

Test, learn and adapt is something you’ll hear us regularly mention at TBG, especially if you listen to our podcast – Giant Talk. It’s a philosophy that fits OKRs perfectly – basically don’t expect to get everything right the first time when it comes to OKRs. Test projects to see what works, learn from the projects you implement and then adapt your next cycle of OKRs to reflect this learning. 

This philosophy can be adapted to the whole OKR methodology. For example, if you start with weekly check-ins but following team feedback learn that bi-weekly check-ins could be more effective for your teams, switch it up in the next OKR cycle and measure the results. 

Alternatively, you could go it alone

Introducing OKRs and setting ambitious goals can seem quite daunting for a lot of organisations – this new way of working can cause unease and create a cultural shift that not everyone is likely to feel comfortable. You need to ensure your OKR implementation is thoroughly thought through and planned, and you may prefer to have an OKR consultant by your side whilst you do this. 

“Deploying OKRs for any business is not a trivial task. There is arguably nothing more fundamental to a business than getting its framework for strategic execution right and this is what OKRs have provided for us.  Being able to lean on experts like TBG who will guide you through the set-up process and the routines and practices for ongoing management of it is undoubtedly worth the investment.” Vedran Babic, CEO MMC Ltd

The There Be Giants OKR approach

At TBG we’re absolute OKR geeks, which is why we’ve made it our mission to decode and simplify OKRs for those who are serious about using them. Our OKR methodology is driven by outcomes. So, whether you’re looking to increase revenue, visibility, engagement or performance, our OKR experts work with you to create bespoke goals. 

Our 6 step OKR Process will help set you up for success: 

Step 1: Discover – In-depth discovery to flex the OKR implementation so it’s right for you.

Step 2: Design – Create an approach that will gain real traction for your business. 

Step 3: Train – Train your staff in OKR best practice so you have a sustainable OKR framework…

Step 4: Craft – Help you craft a network of OKRs with your vision and long term ambitions at the core. 

Step 5: Support – Regular OKR support for your in-house OKR Champions. 

Step 6: Review – Help you facilitate a retrospective to take the learnings from the first OKR cycle and design how we can apply these. 

This 6 step goal-setting process allows us to ensure you’ll be in a great position to sustainably run with OKRs long after we’ve gone. Sound good? Get in touch to discuss your OKR requirements. 

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