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The OKR Coach Academy provides OKR training to enable the successful application of the OKR methodology within your organisation.


Start your OKR training with the Activator course

Ready to be stretched by new ideas? Want to jump to the next level when it comes to OKRs? If the answer is ‘yes’ then the OKR Coach Academy has a OKR training course to help you.

Made up of three levels of okr training, qualification and certification. The Academy includes:

  • The one that’s perfect if you just want to learn OKRs for yourself. The Activator course, which is 100% an online okr course, will help you boost your OKR knowledge.
  • The one that’s perfect if you want to help your team become great at OKRs. The Coach OKR training course, which is a blend of e-learning and video OKR workshops, will help you help teams with OKRs.
  • The one that’s perfect if you want to help your organisation become great at setting objectives and key results. The Master course, which is a blend of e-learning and video OKR workshops, will enable you to lead OKRs in your organisation.
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“After completing one on one setup workshops with TBG I was concerned that the course would be too easy, I was pleasantly surprised to find it wasn’t. The Activator okr training programme consolidated my prior knowledge and the Coach programme really made me think. The sessions around humans and change and psychological safety were really enjoyable and helped me re-invent how I ran and participated in meetings.

The exam was a challenge and a good one! The questions were excellent and really made me think about what I had learnt and how to apply that in a practical way.  The training materials are great, with a mix of reading and videos. I found them engaging and interesting, in particular the Personal Learning Log helped me keep track of my thoughts and ideas as we went through the programme. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to get a thorough grounding in all aspects of OKR implementation. This will set you up for success.”

Craig Bennett, Head of Development at MMC

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“The TBG Coach Course is a great opportunity to measure just how much you know about OKRs in theory and practice. The content is very informative and the contributions within the cohort were great. It’s nice to see how various businesses have adapted OKRs to suit their world, and this understanding benefits everyone with fresh perspective.”

Nic Williamson, Senior Business Analyst at Derivco Analytics

OKR training FAQs

We’ve pulled together a list of questions we’ve been asked by other Academy graduates to help you decide which course to enrol on. If we still haven’t managed to answer your questions about the Academy, get in touch.

How much time will the OKR training course take?

As Activator is a 100% online OKR course, you can sign up at any time and complete the course at your own pace.

Coach is a 4-month OKR programme, Master is 5.5 months. There is some self-study, to begin with, in the first 2 weeks which takes about 5 hours. Then follows a pattern of weekly 90min-2hr zoom OKR workshops with about 45min of self-study preparation required. The programmes round off with written examinations which students are given 2 weeks to complete.

Do I need to attend every OKR training session?

Ideally, yes. To get the most out of our OKR training course, we recommend attending every training session. But we appreciate students might have to miss the occasional workshop which is why we record them as a backup so they don’t miss out.

Is there a discount?

There are discounts available for organisations who want us to run a closed cohort for them (min 6 students). We also have a specific rate for non-profits. Get in touch to discuss this with us further.

Who is the awarding body?

Being pioneers in OKR training and qualifications, we are having to work with a number of awarding bodies to define the standards for accreditation and OKR certification. We will announce our selected partner as soon as possible.

What is covered in the OKR training?

Each OKR course is made up of modules, you can view the breakdown of each course via the individual course links below:

Activator – “I want to become good at OKRs myself”
Coach – “I want to help teams become good at OKRs”
Master – “I want to help organisations become good at OKRs”

Do I need to do Masters or can I sign up later?

You can choose to continue onto the OKR Master programme once you have completed OKR Coach, or you can go for it and decide to sign up for both.

Are all of the OKR workshops online?

Activator is 100% self-study e-learning with a marked end of course assessment. If you progress on to Coach and Master, the format becomes a blend of self-study followed up by practice-based workshops.

How long does the Activator course take?

It depends. If you are only doing Activator, then you can work through it at your own pace. If you are doing it as part of Coach or Master, then you’ll typically have 2 weeks to work through it.

How will I be assessed?

At the end of the Activator OKR training course, there is a short assessment that comprises both written and multiple-choice questions which are designed to test your knowledge retention.

At the end of Coach and Master OKR training courses, there are written exams that are completed on-line and are designed to test your understanding of the skills and techniques you will have learned and your ideas on how to apply them in a number of scenarios.

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