Webinar Recording: Using OKRs to navigate organisational changes

by Jenny Bowes | May 10, 2021

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Webinar: Using OKRs to navigate organisational changes

Organisational changes such as reorganisations, rebrands, layoffs, and directional changes can be chaotic, unorganised, and overwhelming. OKRs can help leaders weather change by bringing clarity on priorities to the entire business, so everyone knows where the company is headed and why.

In this webinar, experts from There Be Giants and Ally.io teach you:

  • What it takes to effectively lead change management
  • How OKRs can make the transition happen more smoothly
  • Who needs to be involved in the OKR program and why
  • Example goals to set during change management

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Featured speakers

The webinar is be hosted by Lauren Ward at Ally.io. Lauren was joined by There Be Giants Founder Roger Longden. Roger featured alongside Manish Dixit, Customer Success Manager at Ally.io.

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