The essentials of OKR coaches

by Alessia Ghiandoni | Jun 06, 2022

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Implementing OKRs isn’t as easy and as seamless as it sounds. Here at TBG, we strongly believe that in order to implement OKRs successfully, you’ll need a magnetic OKR superstar to help deliver OKRs, monitor their progress and encourage a healthy culture within your organisation. 


Bring order and harmony to your workplace

Implementing OKRs into your organisation creates order and alignment. They help bring people, teams and the whole organisation together, ensuring everyone is pulling in the same direction. 


Guidance and organisation

When it comes to OKRs it’s best to know what you’re doing from the beginning and why you’re doing it. An OKR coach can help guide you through any processes, providing the motivation and encouragement that OKRs need to thrive.


What are the essentials to being an effective OKR coach?

 We have listed the essentials to being an OKR coach, to champion OKRs in your workplace.


We have been helping organisations of all sizes implement OKRs for many years and trained individuals in becoming successful OKR coaches. We know what it takes.


An OKR coach should be


  • More empowering than directive
  • Able to balance support and challenge to help others develop
  • Clear and confident when working with people at all levels in the business
  • Have an eye for detail (when it comes to measures) but can help others to see the “why” behind an objective and how it connects to the bigger picture
  • Motivated by seeing others grow and achieve


There are many skills an OKR coach must have, such as:


  • Coaching conversations – being able to ask questions which help others find the answer they need, rather than just telling them
  • Feedback – being able to offer feedback in a positive way which is received well by the other person
  • Training – able to deliver simple training to those new to OKRs
  • Facilitation – being able to run retrospectives for teams and senior management to review OKR effectiveness
  • Personal organisation – able to keep track of general OKR progress against the current quarter timeline and communicate what the next quarter timeline will be


Based on our own research through our Coach Academy, we found that organisations benefited from having more than one coach to ensure the success and ensure longevity of OKRs.


But how can you become a successful OKR coach?


Well, this is where OKR training comes in. There is training available specifically aimed at those who want to build the skills and attitude of a true OKR coach. The right OKR training can help to give your team members the tools they need to achieve OKR success. Enrolling in OKR training can help you to extract as much value as possible from your OKRs for many years to come. OKR training will give your internal OKR ‘champions’ the necessary understanding of OKR methodology, enabling them to understand that OKRs represent a change within the organisation that needs to be managed from the onset to ensure OKRs are widely embraced! 


The There Be Giants OKR Coach Academy


In our OKR Coach Academy, we have a successful OKR Coach Course, providing you with the tools to help you extract the maximum value from your OKRs. Our OKR training will provide your organisation with fully trained and certified OKR coaches, and our Coach Academy is recognised by the CMI. 

Find out more about our OKR Coach Academy or speak to a member of our team.