The difference that Giants make – part 2

by Roger Longden | Aug 01, 2018

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You can catch up with part 1 of ‘The difference that Giants make’ here.

“How do I drive accountability through my organisation?“

This was one of the key questions asked by a client when approaching us to work with their team.

There’s another blog that describes our initial intervention but here I’ll specifically address this key question

How does our approach address the question of accountability?

All of the objectives and key results had accountability agreed and assigned. It wasn’t necessarily the case that the individual assigned would carry out the actions; rather they accepted responsibility for ensuring completion.

Once this process was completed a critical success factor was building in regular check ins.

The outputs of the workshop weren’t heading into a drawer never to be seen again. Instead the OKRs were transferred onto some snazzy OKR software to enable them to be monitored, and updated as part of the check in process.

We recommended to this client that the check ins be carried out on a fortnightly basis.

This regular feedback session introduced an opportunity to ask questions around confidence to complete, and offer support if needed to achieve results. The check ins are intended to be a collaborative discussion, not the introduction of a regular brow beating session.

As well as creating a drumbeat with the expectation set that results will be monitored, a true leadership approach was beginning to develop that introduced coaching conversation concepts to the MD, it was vital, particularly in this early adoption stage, to ensure that falling short on results didn’t bring about a blame culture.

What have been the impact and the outcomes? Let’s leave that to our client to tell you.

“We are 4 months in to our 12-month path using the OKR methodology, which we have been assisted with by Viv and TBG. So far it has:

Assisted in driving accountability throughout the management team and created accountability for me personally to make sure I am focused on the overall running of the business and prioritising growth over solving operational problems, which can be delegated.”

Given that accountability was one of the main requirements we’re very pleased with this feedback, but rest assured we won’t be resting on our laurels as we are always striving to be better.

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