The difference that Giants make – part 1

by Roger Longden | Jul 25, 2018

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Why would you want to engage with There Be Giants?

Aren’t we just another bunch of consultants with some fancy info-graphics who are going to take up your precious time and money?

Well we’re different; yawn.

I know everybody says that. So let’s prove it.

We believe in getting regular feedback from our clients, their experience is what is paramount after all.

So let’s talk through the process of a recent engagement to get an understanding of what our intervention looks like for our client.

We engaged with a professional services client, interesting in itself, as there is a misconception from some, that our methodology is only applicable in the tech sector. True it originates there but it can be applied in any sector.

We were asked a key question when planning our approach for this particular client

“How do I set out and establish a structured and replicable operational model to achieve growth? “

This was our solution:

We led a day’s ‘Vision to Results’ workshop with the senior management team to identify and articulate the vision of the organisation.

We set goals for twelve months and then identified priorities for the first quarter.

The goals, i.e. ‘objectives’, that we set were like mini mission statements. They were ambitious and compelling, to ensure that the team was interested and engaged and weren’t left to sandbag with goals that didn’t challenge.

“What’s in it for me?” had to be addressed for each individual. For the team to be engaged in the process, it was essential that there were conversations about individual goals.

We were engaged by the MD of the organisation, but the process wasn’t about giving him license to ‘dictate’ down to the team. We’re dealing with professional people here, so a ‘command and control’ approach wasn’t going to yield results, other than perhaps pushing people towards the door.

This was an interactive session with input from all of the team.

Once the workshop was complete the Objectives and Key Results for the next 90 days were transferred onto a software package so that the whole team had visibility on progress towards the goals.

Finally we put a date in the diary for our next monthly meeting.

We offer support until the methodology is fully embedded and has become part of the drumbeat of the organisation. This doesn’t happen overnight.

Adopting this methodology involves change; this needs to be supported and managed.

The client should always have the last word, so let’s hear what our client had to say when asked the following question

What would you say to someone like yourself, facing the same challenge you had?

“I would definitely recommend the services of Viv and her team. The service they provide is a great way to ensure that when you are managing a business day to day, the most important factor of achieving growth is at the forefront of you mind. This brings about a change in mindset which is priceless.”

Thinking of a change? We’d love to have a chat to see how we could help.