The benefits of OKR training

by Jenny Bowes | Feb 26, 2021

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Enrolling in OKR training can help you to extract as much value as possible from your OKRs for many years to come. As the saying goes, nothing in life is worth having, or worth doing, unless you have to put in a whole load of effort, work through some pain points, and power on to success! It’s then, and only then, that the sense of achievement feels real.

OKRs are no different! No one said they were easy. If they were, everyone would be doing them, and everyone would be seeing agile growth and increased profit margins! Teams would be aligned, and everything would be perfect! Yeah, right …..

Writing a business objective is easy. Writing an awesome business objective that actually has meaning and traction isn’t! Trust us on this.

This is where, as an individual or as an organisation, OKR training comes in. It’s OK to have read and digested John Doerr’s book ‘Measure What Matters’ but that doesn’t give you a rounded understanding of how to implement OKRs into your organisation! There is no structure or methodology contained in those pages. It’s informative and gives a factual understanding of OKRs but that doesn’t translate into implementation plans for you! Every single OKR implementation we carry out at There Be Giants is bespoke to each client. It has to be – OKRs are not a one size fits all kind of plan.

What does OKR training involve?

Implementing OKRs into your organisation can help with staff alignment, and help bring people, teams and the whole organisation together. All pulling in the same direction, all focused on the same result! It’s another reason it’s important to ensure you know what you’re doing from the get-go.

However, in order to implement OKRs successfully, you’ll need an OKR superstar to help deliver OKRs, monitor their progress and encourage a healthy culture within your organisation. Fortunately, the right OKR training can help to give your team members the tools they need to achieve OKR success. Typically, this involves:

  • OKR orientation
  • Tutorial on how to build powerful OKRs
  • Training on translating strategy into OKRs
  • OKR framework management advice
  • Development of coaching skills
  • Development of facilitation skills
  • Development of OKR leadership skills

The There Be Giants OKR Coach Academy

We have put together our very own OKR Coach Academy to provide you with the tools to help you extract the maximum value from your OKRs. Our OKR training will provide your organisation with fully trained and certified OKR coaches. 

OKRs are much more than just writing out and sharing an organisation objective or two! We can all populate a spreadsheet with a range of goals and a plan of what we need to do to get there. Actually getting there, with meaning and a focused endgame is a different ballgame – pardon the pun!

Three reasons why OKR training is important

  1. You wouldn’t trust anyone but a qualified mechanic to service your car, and you wouldn’t want Mr Jones ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ to fit your new boiler! In the same way, you should be asking the same question of the person / people who will lead OKRs in your organisation. Have they been given the knowledge and education to fully understand the principles of OKRs? Are you putting your trust in a person qualified to implement and see OKRs drive success through your business?
  2. According to a survey by the CDP Research Project there is a very strong correlation between engaging your employees in continued personal development and their commitment to their job and the organisation. Giving your teams the knowledge and training around OKRs will only reap rewards for gaining traction and mentoring teams as OKRs are implemented.
  3. We often get feedback from clients along the lines of, we tried this ourselves but couldn’t gain traction. OKRs never stood a chance as we didn’t really understand what we were up against for buy in! There are stages to OKR implementation – get it wrong once you’ll be given a second chance! Get it wrong twice and you’ll find that you struggle and get push back from your teams for future OKR buy in. Investment in the training from the start will reap rewards further down the line.

OKR training will give your internal OKR ‘champions’ the necessary understanding of OKR methodology, enabling them to understand that OKRs represent a change within the organisation that needs to be managed from the onset to ensure OKRs are widely embraced! 


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Don’t be in any doubt that internal OKR coaches take on a vital role, ensuring that OKRs are a success. If you want to know more about There Be Giants OKR Coach Academy check it out on our website or book in a call with the team.  An investment that can save time, tears and tantrums!

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