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Values and why it’s important not to simply stick them up on your wall

by Lawrence Walsh | Jan 20, 2020

OKR Podcast, OKRS

In today’s edition of Giant Talk – the world’s first OKR podcast we talk values and how Spiceworks of Austin, Texas have integrated values throughout their OKRs. Lawrence: Hi everybody. Welcome back to Giant Talk – The world’s first OKR podcast. This afternoon I am…

Jamaica’n Me Crazy for OKRs!

by Lawrence Walsh | Nov 04, 2019


Last week, Roger and I were lucky enough to work with a client in Kingston. When Roger first informed me about them I thought he must be talking about the lovely, riverside town of Kingston-Upon-Thames. Whilst this all sounded great, I didn’t exactly give the…

TBG launches our Scholarship programme in partnership with the Outward Bound

by Roger Longden | Mar 14, 2019

Leadership, Mental Toughness, Scholarship

Skills for life from a young age That was what hugely inspired me when I visited the Outward Bound at Eskdale in the Cumbria last summer with my Father.  You may have read the blog I wrote reflecting on his “alumni” visit back to the…

OKRs with Guest Blog by Adam Dorfman: Why TAP are bringing in OKRs

by Gill Arnott | Mar 07, 2019


Adam Dorfman is CEO at TAP ‘Talent Access Portal’. After months of hard work and consideration the team at TAP decided to implement both Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) and distributed ledger technology (DLT) into the Talent Access Portal. Their innovative methods will restore public…

Clear Shared Values: The First Element of Successful Performance Management

by Roger Longden | Jul 06, 2016

Performance Management

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs for short) are changing how companies define and communicate success. Why not have a read through our free beginners guide to OKRs to get more information on how you can align and grow your company. Lying at the heart of…