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When do you need an OKR consultant?

by Jenny Bowes | Apr 22, 2021

Academy, Leadership, Motivation, OKRS

The OKR methodology is a set of practices and principles which can adapt to every organisation. This ensures that OKRs are embedded in the most impactful way. If your organisation is considering implementing OKRs there are a couple of things you need to know before…

Giant Talk LIVE – Reflection as a high performance habit

by Lawrence Walsh | Jul 14, 2020

OKR Podcast, OKRS

Giant Talk is our regular OKR podcast in which we dive into the OKR methodology and talk to business leaders from around the globe. Each month we bring you a live episode with our friends from Koan. In case you missed the latest live episode…

Giant Watch – Striving for organisational agility? Is HR at the core of your business?

by Lawrence Walsh | May 26, 2020

Giant Watch, OKRS

Giant Watch Episode 1 – Striving for organisational agility? Is HR at the core of your business? In 2017, 94% of 10,000 HR Leaders across 140 countries said agility and collaboration are absolutely critical to an organisations success. Agility has never been more important, so…

Manage change with OKRs

by Roger Longden | Jan 10, 2020


“What are OKRs?” is something we hear regularly and something we’re working pretty damn hard to change. Helping businesses is something we love, and we know a lot of businesses say this, but we really mean it. Our mission is to help 5,000 more businesses…