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The future and how forced change could be the thing you never knew you needed

by Roger Longden | Apr 27, 2020

OKRS, Productivity

Global interest in one subject is very rare. It feels like the COVID-19 pandemic will affect not only people living through the current situation, but also generations to come. Forced Change and events shape our history. Think of the Berlin Wall falling, or 9/11, and…

Webinar: Navigating Uncertainty with OKRs

by Lawrence Walsh | Mar 30, 2020


Webinar: Navigating Uncertainty with OKRs Date: Thursday, 2nd April at 4pm BST. Watch on-demand now  What we’ll cover: Best practices for remote OKR planning and how to keep remote teams aligned. In today’s current climate, there is a high level of complexity and uncertainty. As…

Values and why it’s important not to simply stick them up on your wall

by Lawrence Walsh | Jan 20, 2020

OKR Podcast, OKRS

In today’s edition of Giant Talk – the world’s first OKR podcast we talk values and how Spiceworks of Austin, Texas have integrated values throughout their OKRs. Lawrence: Hi everybody. Welcome back to Giant Talk – The world’s first OKR podcast. This afternoon I am…

BlueWeek – OKRs in the European Market

by Roger Longden | Dec 10, 2019


BlueWeek was a weeklong series of free educational webinars from OKR and business leaders from across the globe. Presented by CoBlue, the leading Brazilian OKR company, who are working as a SAAS and consultancy firm within the Brazilian marketplace. As part of BlueWeek Roger spoke…

Jamaica’n Me Crazy for OKRs!

by Lawrence Walsh | Nov 04, 2019


Last week, Roger and I were lucky enough to work with a client in Kingston. When Roger first informed me about them I thought he must be talking about the lovely, riverside town of Kingston-Upon-Thames. Whilst this all sounded great, I didn’t exactly give the…

4 times OKRs rocked our client’s world – Part 2

by Lawrence Walsh | Oct 17, 2019

OKRS, Performance Management

We promised you part 2 and here it is. Aligning the growth strategy of Digital Bridge Fast growth can be quite destabilising, and this is exactly what Digital Bridge found. Following a period of sustained growth Digital Bridge – a guided design platform provider –…