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Linking OKRs and Performance Management – should it be done?

by Roger Longden | Apr 23, 2020

OKRS, Performance Management

So, here’s one of the most common questions I’m asked when we are helping a client to design the right OKR framework for their organisation: Should we link OKRs to performance management and, if so, how is it best done? Now there are OKR “purists”…

Are your annual appraisals the annual dread?

by Lawrence Walsh | Dec 13, 2019

Appraisals, OKRS

It’s that time of year again…the dreaded annual appraisal. We know the word “appraisal” alone can send shivers down the spine, or make employees break out in an irrational pool of sweat. But why, after all, performance management is an awesome tool for employee’s development…

4 times OKRs rocked our client’s world – Part 2

by Lawrence Walsh | Oct 17, 2019

OKRS, Performance Management

We promised you part 2 and here it is. Aligning the growth strategy of Digital Bridge Fast growth can be quite destabilising, and this is exactly what Digital Bridge found. Following a period of sustained growth Digital Bridge – a guided design platform provider –…

4 times OKRs rocked our client’s world – Part 1

by Lawrence Walsh | Oct 09, 2019

OKRS, Performance Management

We think OKRs are bloody awesome, so when we hear that our clients are feeling the love for OKRs too we know it’s going to be a good day! The Summer months have been fantastic and the There Be Giants team have been busy working…

Evolving your use of OKRs & gaining more from them

by Roger Longden | Feb 16, 2019

Goals, OKRS, Values

I recently had the opportunity to run “retros” (retrospectives) for a couple of our clients who had reached significant milestones in their use of OKRs.  Unfortunately, due to NDAs, I can’t name names but what I can say is they are both in business of…

Extensive Use of Coaching: Forming the Third Element of Your New Performance Management System

by Roger Longden | Aug 09, 2016

Leadership-development, Motivation

Although in this series of articles I’ve made references to the end of traditional performance management systems, and the overtaking of them with a better structure, I have to admit that some organisations still come close to successfully pulling off traditional performance management. But how?…