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Is adaptability being overlooked by agility?

by Jenny Bowes | Dec 04, 2020

alignment, OKRS

If you’re looking for a new buzz word this year, it’s probably either lockdown, unprecedented or agility. To be honest we’re fed up of hearing about the first two so we’re going to jump in and talk agility. Or are we? Today we’re diving into…

Putting HR at the core of your business and HR’s role in OKRs

by Lawrence Walsh | Jun 05, 2020

Giant Watch, OKRS

In case you missed episode 1 of Giant Watch, here’s a recap. Host and Head of OKR Projects, Lawrence Walsh was joined by Founder and Chief Giant Roger Longden, to share their thoughts on how HR can take centre stage in your business and the…

Agility Explained by our guest blogger Denise Heller

by Gill Arnott | Nov 22, 2018

Guest Post

The term agility has been on everyone’s lips for several years and is linked to various possible aspects of the work. “Agile Leadership,” “Agile Organization,” and “Agile Methods” are just a few of many examples. However, taking a second look at the conversations and discussions surrounding agility,…