Strategic Alignment Services

Strategic alignment can help you achieve long-term growth, empower employees, improve focus and more. Learn how OKRs can aid this process here.

We use the OKR process to help you and your business achieve strategic alignment.

The OKR framework encourages a transparent and cross-functional way of working, whilst shining a light on the strategic priorities of the business. This can help your business shift towards strategic alignment naturally.

Alternatively, if achieving strategic alignment is one of your wider corporate objectives, we can ensure you’re using your OKRs effectively to achieve this.

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Is your organisation misaligned?

So, how do you know whether your business is strategically aligned or not? Here are some of the tell-tale signs that your business is not operating as cohesively as it should be.

The office or workforce is a place of difference or misinformation

If you find yourself in the midst of cross-departmental clashes and misunderstandings, this is usually a sign that your teams aren’t aligned.

In a strategically aligned workplace, all departments should work collaboratively and communicate regularly to ensure everyone is on track to achieve the wider company objectives.

Teams and employees are unaware of their purpose

No one in the organisation should be blindly carrying out tasks without understanding how their work fits into the company’s wider goals.

When employees are aware of their purpose, not only does this encourage strategic alignment, but it can also improve employee motivation and job satisfaction.

High employee churn

A high staff turnover rate or employee churn is a key sign of misalignment within an organisation.

This can be due to employees not understanding their purpose, or how they contribute to the strategic priorities of the organisation


The benefits of strategic alignment

Strategic alignment is important because ultimately it enables every member and team to help the business create value for owners, customers, workers and the community.

It basically means that everyone is happy and pulling in the same direction and this is something that OKRs can help you execute.

Strategic alignment services can also benefit your business by…

Eliminating conflicting priorities

When a business is in alignment, everyone in the organisation is working toward the same overarching goal.

Conflicting priorities can cause confusion amongst team members and can slow down or halt your business growth altogether.

With the help of our strategic alignment services, we can ensure your OKRs are pulling everyone in the same direction.

Empowering team members

An empowered team is a force to be reckoned with. Creating a workforce of cooperative, motivated and passionate individuals can help you create a competitive advantage, improve productivity, incite a positive workplace culture and more.

Fortunately, our strategic alignment services can help you achieve this!

Improving mental and physical resource allocation

When you achieve strategic alignment, less time will be wasted on tasks that don’t fit into the company’s overall vision.

This means that more effort can be focused on the business activities that matter the most, whilst improving resource allocation.

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The TBG strategic alignment process

Here at TBG, we place the OKR process at the heart of our strategic alignment services. OKRs allow the strategic plans of the business to be communicated across teams. This encourages departments to work together and innovate to help the business achieve its strategic objectives.

The OKR process involves the following steps…

1. Discover

The discovery phase involves getting to know you and your business, so we can provide the most relevant, personalised advice going forward.

2. Design

After this, we can help you design a strategic plan that fits in with your corporate objectives. During this phase, we’ll ensure your OKRs are used in the most beneficial way for your business and promote proper resource allocation to achieve your goals.

3. Train

We provide OKR training to ensure team members understand the OKR process inside and out. This also provides a starting point for encouraging strategic alignment, that can be built on when OKRs are implemented in the organisation.

4. Craft

We’ll help you to craft impactful OKRs that are linked to your long-term strategic objectives. As part of our strategic alignment services, we can also help you implement OKR software within your organisation to ensure all teams have visibility on these goals.

5. Support

The TBG OKR experts will be readily available to support you throughout the process. We take your teams comments on board and provide actionable advice that will help you to implement your plans in the most effective way.

6. Review

The OKR review process will provide information on the next steps for your business. We adapt and react to ensure you always stay on track towards achieving your business objectives.

Visit our OKR implementation page to learn more about this process.

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Why work with us?

We’ve helped bring countless teams together so that they can achieve long-term sustained business growth. When you harness the power of OKRs and strategic alignment, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to achieve your business goals!

When you work with TBG, you can also benefit from:

  • Wide-spanning industry experience
  • Access to a team of OKR experts
  • Friendly and supportive team

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