TBG launches our Scholarship programme in partnership with the Outward Bound

by Roger Longden | Mar 14, 2019

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Skills for life from a young age

That was what hugely inspired me when I visited the Outward Bound at Eskdale in the Cumbria last summer with my Father.  You may have read the blog I wrote reflecting on his “alumni” visit back to the centre he attended over 60 years ago (when he was just 19).  I was really struck by how strongly the lessons he’d learnt from his time there had stayed with him and helped him throughout his life.

Given the ethos I’ve developed in There be Giants – that’s it’s our job to spot hidden giants and help draw out that potential – I knew there was something we could do to partner with the Outward Bound to help them continue the amazing work they continue to do today.

This is where the Hyndburn Academy comes in

Based just outside Accrington, it’s fair to say that the young people who attend it might not have access to opportunities like attending the Outward Bound, and this is where I want TBG to make a difference.

So I’m hugely excited to announce that we have now launched our Scholarship programme which will send five young people to the Outward Bound in the Lake District in the summer on their Skills for Life programme.  It’s aimed at Year 9s (3rd years to those of us who still work in old money) who are about to embark on the start of their two years of GCSE’s.  We chose this as it’s an important transition point and what they learn can play directly into how they manage themselves through the next two demanding years.

Hyndburn’s Head – Nicola Palmer said:

When I took over the headship at Hyndburn Academy I was keen to develop leadership pathways for students that went beyond the school based opportunities we offered.  I was therefore delighted when Roger approached me with the offer of a funded scholarship with The Outwood Bound Trust that would take students out of their comfort zone and really test and build the qualities they will need in the future.

The year 9’s are busy completing application forms as I write in the hope that they are selected to take part in such a prestigious opportunity.

I hope this is the start of a strong partnership between There Be Giants and the Academy;  where we can incorporate the company’s expertise into our school curriculum,  to help with our drive to create well rounded and informed citizens of the future.

The application process is underway and even those who are not selected will benefit from the experience of applying and being interviewed.

It’s no exaggeration to say that the whole of the team at TBG is 100% behind this and will all be playing their part in helping to make the programme a successful one.


We will be keeping track of the selected five as they will be blogging and vlogging for us before/during/after their time on the programme so stay tuned.