Santa, Sherry and Success – Cheers!

by Roger Longden | Dec 18, 2019

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Wow, what a year! A year of OKRs! I can’t quite believe I’m sat here in December writing a roundup of the year; it feels like 2 minutes since I was working on our plans for 2019.

So has it all gone to plan? Well not quite, but that’s no reason to not bother with the plan in the first place.  I’ve always found that working on strategy & priorities mean that I’ve more chance of staying the course when there’s a force 10 bearing down on us, and 2019 has seen a few of those for quite a few of us.

But, while there may have been a few bumps and scrapes along the way, Team TBG has crammed a hell of a lot in and I’m chuffed to share my year in review with you.…

Being the world’s first 

This year started with a bang with the launch of the world’s first OKR podcast. I don’t think any of us could have predicted the interest in the podcast, but it’s amazing to see on average over 6,000 people listening to the podcast each month. I have to give huge credit to my fellow Giant Lawrence who has turned the podcast into what it is today – an online OKR space for learning and sharing of ideas. Even MIT passed on their thanks for how much it helped them get OKRs up and running!

We release new episodes every Monday, so if you want something new for your commute in drab January then please tune in. 

Jamaica’n me crazy for OKRs 

The team and I have been fortunate to visit some fantastic locations this year for work, but I have to say Jamaica will take some beating. The rhythm, the passion, the people and not to mention the rum were all fantastic. We spent 2 days in Jamaica with a brilliant team of people who have grabbed OKRs by the balls and are really breaking new ground in Jamaica – great job guys! 

On stage in Amsterdam 

October brought darker nights but the lights were bright at the OKR Forum in Amsterdam. I had been asked earlier in the year to speak at the event and of course I was delighted to oblige. The forum brought together OKR enthusiasts and business professionals from across the Globe and so seemed like the perfect place to launch the There Be Giants OKR Report 2019 – A global report into the uses, successes and learnings from OKR implementation around the world. As a team, we’re really excited to continue this research into 2020 and beyond, and if you’d like a copy of this year’s report get in touch. 

Paris calling 

When we say we’ve been busy, that isn’t an exaggeration. Lawrence travelled to Paris and back within a day earlier in the month. In, two very successful meetings, and now – that’s what I call smashing OKRs! 

A natural evolution 

Heading to Paris for Lawrence is a very real example of how a natural evolution has taken place this year. I now have a partner Giant in Lawrence who loves OKRs and wants to help bring them to more businesses across the globe. I’m sure you’ll join me in agreeing that Lawrence has smashed it this year, not only with the podcast and business development work but also in the amount he lives and breathes OKRs whilst adding a comical edge to the office.  

Just before I go and enjoy some of the Sherry Santa has brought, I just want to give you a heads up about some exciting news that is already lined up for January. We’ll be announcing enhancements to our podcast along with a very exciting partnership so check back in January for the big reveal. 

And finally (I will go shortly), I just wanted to give a shout out to Lawrence and Gill for being awesome this year and to those we have worked with; there’s never a dull moment and we love your passion and determination. Thanks guys, here’s to more OKR fun in 2020.