OKRs with Guest Blog by Adam Dorfman: Why TAP are bringing in OKRs

by Gill Arnott | Mar 07, 2019

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Adam Dorfman is CEO at TAP ‘Talent Access Portal’. After months of hard work and consideration the team at TAP decided to implement both Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) and distributed ledger technology (DLT) into the Talent Access Portal. Their innovative methods will restore public trust in global platforms and lead to global DLT adoption. Their ethos is that it starts with ‘transparency’.

As they developed the Talent Access Portal ‘TAP’ whitepaper they uncovered OKRs – a management system that makes the execution part less difficult.  At There Be Giants we’ve been championing OKRs for a very long time.  Having Adam and the team at TAP discover the strategic success behind the methodology just strengthens our reasoning as to why we are such advocates of OKRs.  Like us, TAP understand and see the benefit in the transparency aspect of OKRs – where goals are open and informative. A ‘why’ in place – why a project exists. Helping to focus every organisation towards a common goal.

Adam Dorfman and William Hughes put together this fantastic blog about How OKRs and DLT Can Restore Public Trust in Global Platforms, and we’re excited to be in a position to showcase their thoughts in our guest blog.  Not only championing OKRs they fully explain Distributed Ledger Technology ‘DLT’ and how can make records public, accessible and interchangeable. As people lose trust in decentralised applications (Dapps) TAP have realised that combing OKRs with DLT is there to form a mechanism to restore public trust in all types of organisations.

The Talent Access Portal ‘TAP’

TAP transfer jobs between tech employers and disruptive education program students. Their global portal enables employers to discover, connect, post directly to private job boards, and begin the hiring process. They define the core value transfer as “where it all starts” – it justifies why then network exists.  The TAP mission is “Empower employers to discover ICT talent anywhere in the world, through disruptive education”.  We love it.

TAP have spent an incredible amount of time defining their mission, vision and strategic OKRs – understanding that OKRs is a journey, not an event.  MUSIC to our ears at There Be Giants office.

Read the article. It’s informative, unbiased and quite frankly a great read.

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