Building OKR alignment and engagement

by Roger Longden | Apr 14, 2019

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Introducing our resident employee engagement experts – Rencai

A word from their Founder, Matt Wilden

While not large in employee numbers, the Rencai team are driven to deliver value for each client as we support them in taking a People-Centred approach to improving business performance. For us to deliver on this pledge we’ve always placed great value on strategic partnerships with like-minded businesses.

Strong partnerships are a WIN-WIN-WIN for all

Our clients win as they get access to an enhanced team of professionals with a desire for improving company performance.  As partners, we win by enhancing our range of products/solutions that we are truly passionate about.  As individuals, we win by working with and learning from a more varied team of experts.

 Rencai secure new strategic partnership with There be Giants

As a long-term admirer of the positive impact that Roger and his team have on each business, they partner with it’s great that our teams are going to be able to collaborate moving forward.

Their expertise in helping organisations transition to a high-performing culture supported by the adoption of the OKR methodology means both businesses share the same purpose.  A shared continuous improvement mindset means Rencai fits well with the OKR ethos TBG helps their clients to develop.

Exclusive offer to TBG clients and contacts

In support of our new partnership, we’re offering clients in the TBG family the opportunity for a complimentary ‘Employee-Health-Check’ for their business. Using our Engagement App and 10 minutes time investment from each of your employees we’ll be able to understand:

  • Engagement scores for your company, for each team and individually
  • 360’ performance feedback on the leaders and managers in your business
  • Feedback from each employee on what they could do to improve individual performance
  • Feedback from employees on how leaders can be more effective
  • Gain business or project specific insight to inform your business improvement plan

We will then work with your leadership teams to identify key themes and business improvement opportunities over the next 90 days. 

We look forward to working with you on driving your OKR engagement.

Matt & Rencai Team