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Coach Course

The Coach course, which is a blend of e-learning and video workshops, will help you help teams with OKRs.

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4 months

includes 2 hours of workshops each week

COURSE FEE (ex. vat)


Or split into 4 monthly instalments of £687.50



Great for those new to OKRs and for experienced OKR users


OKR Certification

Take an exam upon completion to receive an OKR certification


Course highlights

The blended e-learning and video workshop Coach course is made up of twelve core modules, with a final exam and optional practice-based assessment.

  • Boost long-term growth and increase profit margins over time
  • Improve your team’s coaching skills
  • Improve your team’s OKR process
  • Learn to avoid common OKR mistakes with our proven tips
  • Translate strategy into OKRs
  • Humans and change – how to manage OKRs within your team
  • Engaging and structured learning
  • Learn with the group

2021/22 Coach Start Dates

  • 15th February 2022
  • 5th April 2022
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Course Modules


OKRs – An introduction

Your starter for 10 on OKRs, where they’ve come from, a couple of really key points, some common mistakes to avoid and proven tips to take on board.


OKR Skills Framework

There’s more to OKRs than meets the eye. Our Skills Framework breaks them down so you can clearly see what great OKR practice looks like.


Launching & transitioning within the OKR cycle

We’ll talk you through the do’s and don’t of the OKR cycle.

“We managed to redefine our understanding and knowledge of what OKRs are (and as importantly what they’re not).”

Ian Adams, Assistant Director at Magenta Living

Course Modules


Forming Powerful Objectives

How to form a compelling objective statement which will motivate and engage those who read it.


Creating Kick Ass Key Results

All you need for your KRs to be rocket fuel behind your objectives.


Building 3 month OKRs

Understanding the approach to three month OKRs and how they provide laser focus in real-time.


“We are a highly committed team of OKR professionals who work with our own proprietary methodology which covers the skills, practices, habits and culture you need for OKR success.”

Roger – The Founder

Course Modules


OKR Coach – The Role

Understanding the vital role they play in making OKRs a success.


OKR Coach – Induction & Personal learning log

Induction to the OKR Coach role and your personal learning log.


OKR Coach people skills

Including feedback, questioning and listening skills.

“The format is great and it’s a great practical guide on making OKRs work in your company.”

Florian Leinfelder – CTO at Home24

Course Modules


Humans & Change

OKRs represent a change, and that needs to be managed if they are going to be widely embraced.


Translating strategy into 12 month OKRs

Providing focus to the key growth/ change objectives over a 12 month period.


Introduction to psychological safety

Want OKRs to thrive then you need to understand psychological safety.

Sorry, there are currently no open sessions.

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“The TBG Coach Course is a great opportunity to measure just how much you know about OKRs in theory and practice. The content is very informative and the contributions within the cohort were great. It’s nice to see how various businesses have adapted OKRs to suit their world, and this understanding benefits everyone with fresh perspective.”

Nic Williamson, Senior Business Analyst at Derivco Analytics

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