The benefits of OKR training for managers

by Carly Clyne | Jul 21, 2021

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OKR training can benefit all members of the organisation, but it is particularly useful for managers. Why? We’ll reveal the answer in this article…

Why do managers need OKR training?

No one ever said OKRs were easy. In fact, to roll them out successfully is quite a hard task. But nothing worth having is ever easy. There is a reason why all of the top organisations in Silicon Valley and most innovative companies use OKRs… because they really work. 

The OKR framework is not one size fits all. To work well, the framework needs to be adapted to meet the businesses specific needs. However, it can be difficult to adapt a framework correctly, without a deep understanding of OKRs.

Essentially, OKR training allows for the successful implementation of the OKR methodology. A successful implementation will lead to rapid growth, innovative teams and an overall productive business operation. That’s why we recommend OKR training for managers.

OKRs are especially important for managers to train in as it encourages strategic alignment and keeps teams motivated to work towards an end goal.

OKR training for managers: What’s the point?

It’s important to set good objectives that will move teams and the company forward. Fortunately, the right OKR training programme can help you do just that.

Here are some of the key benefits to utilising OKR training for managers:

  1. Training managers in OKRs will allow them to begin the OKR process with the correct knowledge and education needed to fully understand the principles of OKRs. Organisations can put trust in a qualified person to implement and see OKRs drive success throughout the business. 
  2. Engaging employees and paying greater attention to their personal development can have a positive impact on their commitment to the job and organisation. Giving management the knowledge and training around OKRs will only reap rewards for gaining traction and mentoring teams as OKRs are implemented.
  3. OKRs do not stand a chance of gaining any traction when management doesn’t really understand the ins and outs of OKRs. When you make mistakes in the implementation, teams will begin to push back on the framework. Investment in OKR training from the start will avoid these mistakes being made and will ensure OKRs are embraced by the team.

The best OKR training resources for management

There are a wealth of OKR resources available for your management team to utilise. But which are the most effective? We’ve done the hard work for you and listed the top resources below.

OKR Coach Academy

The OKR Coach Academy is an OKR online training academy run by There Be Giants. This was set up to enable the successful application of the OKR methodology within an organisation. 

There are three course levels in the OKR coach training programme, Activator, Coach and Master. These are aimed at educating people at different stages of their learning process. The workshops are a blend of e-learning and OKR training videos that will help managers assist teams with their OKR rollout. Learn more here.

Online OKR Resources

There are countless resources online that will ensure management gets a good grasp of OKRs. Our resource centre is filled with step-by-step OKR guides, OKR health checks and a toolkit is packed with helpful materials to ensure managers really understand how to roll out OKRs. You can access all of our resources for free here.

OKR Books

OKR books provide a great foundation for understanding the history and adoption of OKRs. From the ‘father’ of OKRs, Andy Grove’s book High Output Management, to modern books such as Radical Focus by Christina Wodtke. There are so many texts for managers to get their teeth sunk into. 

For a list of recommended books to read, check out our previous blog here.

How the There Be Giants team can help

OKR training will give management the necessary understanding of OKR methodology, enabling them to understand that OKRs represent a change within the organisation that needs to be managed from the onset to ensure OKRs are widely embraced and successful. 

Ready to introduce your management team to the magic of OKR coach training? Get in touch with a member of our team today to get started.