OKR Professionals

Leading the growth of the OKR profession


First 100 to register their interest will get 30% OFF our OKR Consultant training!

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What are the benefits of our OKR Consultant training?

  • Guidance in lead generation
  • New way to increase value add to clients
  • New revenue-generating service offering
  • Trained and certified by a pioneering global OKR consultancy
  • Access to a proven methodology and resources with regular updates
  • Potential to receive leads from TBG
  • Possibility of associate work with TBG
  • Access to the Alumni network via an app
  • Join a network of highly skills OKR consultants

First 100 to register their interest will get 30% OFF the training cost!


  • Receive a FREE Coach Handbook written by our Founder and OKR Guru Roger Longden.
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What is OKR Professionals?

Professional OKR consultant training to enable you to provide OKR services to your clients.


Be a part of a network of skilled OKR consultants leading the way in OKR best practice.


Who is OKR Professionals

Consultants with clients interested in finding out more about OKRs.


Consultants interested in adding another ‘string to their bow’.


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