How do you motivate others to achieve business goals

by Georgia Parker | Apr 15, 2021

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Employee motivation is a force, it’s the wave that helps drive your business forward towards achieving your business goals. But what motivates your employees? 

Finding ways to increase employee motivation can provide a world of benefits for your business. It can increase your chances of OKR success, increase business growth and ultimately, it can help you achieve your wider company objectives. In this article, we’re delving deeper into this concept so you can reap the rewards too. 

Is purpose the key when it comes to improving employee motivation?

Is the paycheque being overtaken by purpose when it comes to motivating factors within the workplace? Of course, we all need to earn money and see value in being rewarded for our achievements but research is showing that Millennials are seeking purpose in not only their personal lives but also and importantly their professional lives. 

“Fulfilment at work, fulfilment at home… Millennials want it all and they want it fast. Unlike many Moderns, Millennials want to be home for dinner, and want to feel like their 9-5 job has a real purpose. They are constantly seeking purpose in what they do for a living and at the same time want to know how their job is helping them get to the top.” Karl Moore, Leadership Strategy 

By giving your employees a purpose and setting clear goals, you’re enabling them to envision their future with your company and how they fit in. 

How OKRs can impact and increase employee motivation

The OKR framework helps organisations to focus on growth, change or innovation projects whilst providing a structure that encourages open and transparent communication. 

1. Share the organisation’s vision, set clear goals and empower your teams to innovate and create ways to achieve this vision 

By sharing the vision of your organisation you’re including your employees in the conversation and providing purpose to the work they are completing on a day to day basis. The OKR framework encourages and empowers your teams to innovate and create projects that will help to reach your organisational goals. By fostering a positive work environment and empowering employees you are encouraging development across your teams which in turn benefits both the individual and the organisation. 

2. Communicate this vision and organisational goals to your teams, and ask for feedback in an open and transparent way 

Openly sharing your vision and organisational goals and importantly asking for feedback fosters an environment where everyone’s opinion matters. By creating a psychologically safe environment where everyone feels not only safe enough to feedback but also safe enough to stretch you are encouraging an environment where creative thinking is commonplace. 

3. Encourage team members to work cross-functionally to achieve the best possible outcomes

At TBG we advocate cross-functional teamwork. Not only does it encourage transparency but allows for the best people for the project to be pulled in. OKRs work best when used cross-functionally, especially when crafted alongside an OKR tracker. Using an OKR tracker allows you to share feedback with multiple members of a cross-functional team even if you don’t work in the same physical location. 

4. Think about the environment your teams are working in

Does the environment your teams work in provide a conducive space for creativity, growth and motivation? This may be more of a difficult question to answer over the last 12 months as a large proportion of the world’s workforce has been working remotely. But you should consider the elements that could be causing a change in motivation, be it homeschooling, or a lack of dedicated workspace. 

5. Give continuous feedback in a positive and supportive work environment 

Continuous feedback allows you to not only understand where your teams are at, but also allows your team members to ask for support as and when it’s needed. The OKR framework encourages continuous feedback with regular reflections and confidence ratings put against set OKRs. By creating a positive work environment where employees feel supported, you are encouraging team members to stay motivated, and if they are struggling to feel safe enough to speak up and ask for help.

Everyone is an individual 

We’ve talked about some common concepts that help create a sense of purpose and motivation, but ultimately everyone is an individual. So, get to know your teams, understand what makes them tick and help them to grow and develop in their roles. 

If you’re considering implementing OKRs to increase your focus on growth priorities and transparency across your organisation we’ve put together a great selection of OKR tools to help you get started. 

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