Keeping growth in the Spotlight

by Roger Longden | Nov 27, 2018

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Business growth and innovation often got lost in and amongst the day-to-day challenges of leading and managing a business.

Business as usual can by default absorb all company resource particularly management time.

So, there’s not really a lot of value in stating the problem if we don’t also talk about a solution.

So here it is…..

Giants are all about helping our clients get stuff done. We encourage them to think big, working with them on a framework that brings ambition back to the forefront.

Its an old adage that if you fail to plan you’re actually planning to fail, but its not just about the planning process, another critical component is the execution of the plan.

With the best will in the world business plans often end up shoved in the desk drawer or filed on the desktop, even though they seemed like the panacea of all ills when they were first crafted.

Here’s where the Vision to Results methodology and guidance from one of our friendly Giants comes in.

One of our clients Millson associates had a plan but no clear strategy to ensure that they delivered on it.

Here’s what Ryan had to say about the work we have done together.

Forgive us the terminology but we are very much research led and have built our support around the OKR approach, that’s Objectives and Key Results.

This isn’t a theory and terminology just to make us look good, it’s a practical methodology to drive growth and change.

As Ryan states the outcomes of using this approach are a clear focused road map and a sense of engagement.

Another old adage to leave you with, if you focus on everything, nothing gets done.