Introducing the OKR Professionals’ Community

by Jenny Bowes | Feb 01, 2021

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We are super excited to be able to introduce you to the OKR Professionals’ Community which is officially launching July 2021.

What is the OKR Professionals’ Community?

The OKR Professionals’ Community brings together those working with OKRs from around the globe to learn, collaborate and raise the bar on OKR best-practice.

Whether you are helping clients implement OKRs, or an OKR Coach working within an organisation, the OKR Professionals’ Community will provide a platform and resource for you to both learn and influence global OKR practice and standards.

What is the Communities’ mission? 

The OKR Professionals’ Community will be both a forum for the sharing of expertise and insight, and it will also help in establishing and developing standards of best-practice for OKR professionals globally. To gain membership, Members will have satisfied the entry criteria and then have the option to work towards full Accredited Member status as their practice is evaluated over a period of time.

The benefits of these professional standards to Members is that they provide assurances to the organisations they work with on the level of professionalism and service they can expect from them.

As an organisation who is working with OKRs, the OKR Professionals’ Community will provide a place of sharing and learning – offering members exclusive access to events, resources and expert advice. A place to learn from other OKR professionals from around the globe.

Who is it for?

If we’ve piqued your interest and you want to learn more about the Community and whether it is right for you. Head over to our dedicated OKR Professionals’ Community page where you can find out more and also register your interest in joining.