ANNOUNCEMENT: TBG launch its new Innovation Board

by Roger Longden | Sep 25, 2018

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I genuinely believe we are at a tipping point

The convergence of technology, an ever-increasing understanding of what motivates us to do our best work and the relentless pressure to do more with less means that the need to inspire and enable high performance has never been more imperative.  This is where businesses and organisations need to excel at how they execute against their plans, but yet it’s where so many fall short.

Anyone who knows There be Giants will know us for our love of OKRs (objectives & key results) as our way of implementing them takes a “whole systems” approach as just writing your goals as OKRs won’t make a blind bit of difference if you haven’t got the five pillars of a high-performance culture in place:

  • Vision
  • Values
  • Strategy
  • Engagement
  • Traction

While this might be our model, I want to be constantly evolving our approach and introducing new thinking and practice to increase the value we provide to those we work with.

To do this, I’ve formed our Innovation Board from a selection of experts I’ve come to know and respect for their wisdom and insight in their areas of specialism.

So I am delighted to introduce them as:

  • David Beharall – MD of Candidsky and expert in applying innovation to marketing and client management
  • Brett Knowles – Candian-based world-leader in the development & execution of strategy
  • Susie Philips-Baker – Organisational psychologist
  • Chris Charlton-Killen – MD of Human and expert in digitising and automating operations
  • Sam Netherwood – Behavioural change designer with a specialism in performance systems

The board will have our inaugural meeting at the end of October and will meet every 6 months from then on.

I am genuinely excited about this initiative and would like to voice my thanks to all who will be involved.