Which goal-setting software is right for your business?

by Jenny Bowes | Feb 05, 2021

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Before we dive into the types of OKR software available, of which there are many, let’s look at the reasons for using goal-setting software. 

The benefits of using goal-setting software

Generally, the software you choose should make the process of implementing and tracking OKRs more efficient and easier to manage. It shouldn’t make processes more difficult or get lost in their own functionality. By implementing the right software, you could also benefit from:

  • Increased strategic alignment
  • Greater employee communication
  • Greater accuracy when planning for the future 
  • Providing a forward direction for the business


How to choose OKR software that will make an impact

Choosing the right software for your OKR implementation is essential for successful goal management, and it can help you stay on track to achieve your business goals. 

In many cases, the integration of software and how easy it is to use will determine whether your teams will use the software or not. 

There are a couple of questions we would suggest asking when choosing your OKR software:

  1. Will the software make us more effective in managing the OKR process?
  2. Will we achieve our desired results and outcomes more efficiently and effectively?

If your chosen platform allows you to answer yes to both of the above questions then you’re probably on to a winner. 


8 things to be mindful of when choosing OKR software

When choosing your goal-setting software you should consider and evaluate these key eight features:

1. Accessibility

It is essential that your teams working on OKRs are engaged with the software platform, so it is critical that you can have multiple users without breaking the bank. 

Many OKR software providers offer tiered pricing plans depending on how many team members will be using the platform. This means that you can easily select an option that suits your business’ needs. 

2. Engaging

You want your teams to use the OKR software you choose and so it needs to be interesting, engaging and well-designed. If the user interface isn’t aesthetically pleasing, or if the user journey is confusing then your teams are likely to disengage straight away. 

Ultimately, user experience is everything when it comes to software. If the user experience is poor, then users will leave, and it’s the same with goal-setting or OKR software

3. Ease of use

OKRs take hard work, no one said they would be easy. However, the software you choose can make this process simpler. You shouldn’t need a project team to manage the software, the software should fit in. 

4. Integrations with other software

Organisations are using more software, especially since the shift to remote working was accelerated during 2020. 

As such, it’s important the goal-setting software you choose has the functionality to be able to integrate with other applications, such as Slack, social media channels and CRM. 

It’s essential to integrate your accounting system with your OKR software. This means that your OKRs can sit alongside your KPIs on a dashboard, giving full visibility to the whole performance of your organisation. 

5. Value for money

Implementing OKRs often requires a budget allocation, so you need the OKR software you choose not to put additional pressure on this budget. 

6. Visualisation of results

With any goal-setting software, visibility of progress, results and confidence should be really easy to see. 

7. Parent and child visualisation

You’ve probably heard of parent and child objectives, if not you will. It’s important that the platform you choose visualises the relationship between these objectives in a clear way. 

8. Prioritisation

OKRs are all about prioritising and being focused on clear goals and objectives. The software you choose should enable the prioritisation of objectives in a specific sprint period. 

We work with a number of software partners, but don’t favour one over another. It’s all about choosing OKR software that is most relevant to your organisation’s needs.

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