Giant Talk LIVE – Reflection as a high performance habit

by Lawrence Walsh | Jul 14, 2020

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Giant Talk is our regular OKR podcast in which we dive into the OKR methodology and talk to business leaders from around the globe. Each month we bring you a live episode with our friends from Koan. In case you missed the latest live episode here’s a recap of the key points the guys discussed.

Regular Giant Talk host Lawrence was supposed to be in the beautiful city of San Francisco working with a client (but was sadly working from rainy Manchester instead) so this week’s podcast was hosted by Jenny. She was joined by Chief Giant Roger and the Co-Founders of Koan, Matt Tucker and Scott Campbell.

As we hit our 10-year anniversary at There Be Giants, we are reflecting a lot on our successes and what we can improve upon as we go forward. This focus on reflection is something both There Be Giants and Koan feel passionately about – it is a high-performance habit that needs to be carried out in a measured way.

We live and work in a fast-paced world where we are overloaded every single day, turning instinctive, quick ways of thinking into the norm. Although this can be a positive thing, it can be reactive. When we slow down our thinking, our thinking improves.

Cultures need to accommodate reflection – no individual should be penalised for sharing concerns and criticisms as this is what makes teams improve. Stepping away from the day to day distractions and carving out this time to gain transparency is so important. As much as you need to work in your business, you also need to work ON your business.

Our Chief Giant Roger is a coach in more than one sense of the word, as a qualified rowing coach! The principles are not all that different, performance needs to be reflected on every time to make the team improve. Every individual has a role to play and a performance to reflect on, but the overall direction of the team is key.

The last few months have been a reality none of us expected, highlighting that adaptation really is essential. Reflection can help you be agile in this new era of work. Even in a more remote workspace, having a dedicated place for constructive reflection, such as the Koan platform, means collaboration does not have to stop.

Reflection allows you to take strategic outcomes more seriously and weigh up how things can be done differently. Less is more, and keeping the process simple and consistent, ensuring it is done regularly is the best way. Putting barriers in the way and over complicating it defeats its purpose.

Listen back to the latest live episode of Giant Talk to learn about how to reflect in a way that mirrors what you want to achieve.

We hope you enjoyed Giant Talk Live, for the latest episodes, follow Giant Talk here.


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