Giant Talk – In conversation with Brett Knowles

by Lawrence Walsh | Mar 09, 2020

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Giant Talk: The world’s first OKR podcast in partnership with Koan is excited to bring you a three part miniseries featuring special guest Brett Knowles.

Brett is an OKR oracle and has recently written a fascinating article on BJ Fogg’s Behaviour Change Model and its relevance to OKRs ( In this episode, we talk about motivators (both internal and external) and how you can inspire these in your staff to achieve dramatic results

Season 4 Episode 7 is an absolute must-listen for anyone interested in OKRs, Change Management or just how to get the most out of people.

Season 4 Episode 8 is the second instalment of our miniseries with Brett.

In this episode Lawrence and Brett dig into the different factors of ability and how as a business leader you can influence these to achieve resounding results with your OKRs. If you want to gain real traction with your OKRs then you really must listen to this mini-series, but we would hugely advise taking a listen to the first part of the mini-series if you haven’t already. Subscribe to the okr podcast here.

Season 4 Episode 10 brings you the final instalment of our miniseries

So, here you have it… the final chapter in our awesome mini-series with Brett Knowles. In this episode we take all our learning’s from E1 & E2 on Ability & Motivation (if you haven’t listened to these first we’d highly recommend doing so before listening to this one!) and discuss how businesses can set a ‘Prompt Strategy’ in order to be able to implement OKRs faster, better, cheaper & easier!

You can find the article that sparked this mini-series here!

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