Finding and retaining star players – Lessons taken from football with David Beharall

by Roger Longden | Mar 22, 2016

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With David Beharall- MD of CandidSky and ex Pro-Footballer

We’ve probably all regretted hiring someone at some point.  When you’re building businesses and teams, it’s like a rite-of-passage and a lesson we all really want not to repeat. Easier said than done though as you can recruit for skills, you can even recruit for behaviours, but how do you recruit for desire and persistence?

These are the two qualities which David Beharall has placed above all others as he’s grown the highly successful digital agency CandidSky. David comes at this from a unique perspective given that he was a professional footballer for 11 years. He gets the importance of mind-set and he believes that intentionally recruiting based on it has been key to CandidSky’s success.

Given that estimates of the financial impact of a poor hiring decision range from £30k upwards, surely it’s about time this very real bottom-line risk is well examined?

About David

David Beharall is about as far away from the stereotype of an ex professional footballer as you can get. After an 11 year career, which saw him play for his childhood heroes Newcastle United and stand along side the likes of Robson, Keegan, Dalglish and Gullit, he started his first digital business in 2006. Ten years later, CandidSky is now the provider of creative digital solutions to major brands like Royal Mail, Sage, Peninsular and Bayer.
David fully believes that his experience in football continues to guide his thinking and approach, particularly in working with people, in business.