Event: OKRs – building alignment, breaking down silos and boosting results

by Roger Longden | Feb 17, 2020

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Would it help to have a system which reinforces great teamwork and collaboration? If so, today is your lucky day so read on my friend….

About this Event

How would it help you to have a framework which routinely builds alignment, commitment and focus on your priorities?

Perhaps you’re trying to do that but haven’t quite cracked it?

Would it help to have a system which reinforces great teamwork and collaboration?

If so, today is your lucky day so read on my friend….

No one used to think much about goal management in years gone by. An annual dust-off and brush up of the strategy and plan was about all it amounted too.

The harsh reality is that (according to MIT) less than 1 in 5 of front line and middle management understand the business strategy, it’s priorities and what they can do to support them. (It’s only 1 in 2 at director level too!)

Why should you worry? Because this is wasting a whole lot of time, energy and money and if your competitors are into goal management and you’re not, they’ll have a lead on you.

This is where Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) come in. They have become the de-facto standard for high-growth businesses who want to help their teams be super clear on priorities (not easy given the pace of change and noise waiting to knock us off course or distract us) so they can confidently make the right choices on where to focus their energy.

I focused There be Giants on OKRs 5 years ago and since we’ve helped hundreds of businesses all over the world – both large and small – build really strong alignment and agility in how they work.

Want to find out how you can crack OKRs?

Maybe you’re using OKRs and want to level them up?

Perhaps a system which promotes alignment, transparency and amazing teamwork would help?

I’ll share with you TBG’s proven helpful OKR tips along with our method/road map and you get a live demo from our friends at KOAN.CO too!

I’ll be in Aukland in March and would love to have a chat at this small event I’m putting on, but places are numbered. Hope to see you there.

About Roger:

Dog Dad and There Be Giants founder, Roger believes that when it comes to fuelling performance, most businesses could do so much better and he is on a mission to help make every business he encounters a whole lot more awesome! As a qualified performance coach with a track record in both business and sport, Roger has undertaken client work across the world, is a guest lecturer at MMU Business School and is a leading International Spokesman in the use of OKRs.

His recent achievements in the field of OKRs have been:

The publishing of the first annual edition of the There be Giants global research paper into the use of OKRs by organisations .

The launch of the worlds first-ever OKR podcast series – Giant Talk – which is now into its third season and has a global audience of over 6000 subscribers per month .

The delivery of a keynote at the 2nd OKR conference in Amsterdam in recognition of his personal contribution to OKR practice and the wider community .

He is particularly proud of There be Giants track record of working with a number of international clients who have provided both written and spoken testimonials .

He is the author of the There be Giants OKR methodology which has helped multiple clients manage their scale-up growth and build strong alignment. When taking a break from the Performance Management world you’ll most likely find him with his two dogs, Jake & Mollie, on an adventure in the Peaks or up a mountain in the Lake District, UK.

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