Dream big! Work hard! Success is there for those who believe! Have faith!

by Gill Arnott | Aug 03, 2018

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Yadda Yadda Yadda – Blah Blah feckin Blah – What a load of old bollocks.

Seriously these pointless mindless bits of tripe that pop up all over social telling us how to get ahead and build a business empire drive me insane. If not complete fluff, they’re just stating the bleeding obvious. Work hard! No shit sherlock.

Business, great business, comes from sweat, tears, failures, hitting rock bottom and getting back up again. Trial and error. We all know the Richard Branson story right! The struggle is real, every single day. So, for us mere mortals, how do we plug the holes and make it work?

Leadership – So, what makes a great leader? Well putting this simply he’s (or she’s) the one that sets the standards for others to follow. These standards need to be high, real and believable!

Set them high, really high, but you need to bear in mind as the leader, if you can’t jump that high then don’t ask your team to. Set too high morale will falter and you may find teams rebel! Balance expectation vs delivery –

If you get them right and find the right tone you will see great results. Teams will want to hit the benchmark you set. They’ll sit a bit straighter, stay a bit later and generally you’ll see increased productivity, increased sales and hey just what you were looking for – increased profit.

Goals – So, your team come in to work every day, get the job done and go home. Is it safe to say you’re reasonably happy? Probably not, they got what needed to be done ‘done’ but without feeling, without caring and without any real purpose.

You need to set hard goals that stimulate and drive growth. They need to be considered and structured. They need to be reviewed from the top down, and from the bottom up. By setting goals, the right goals, you will see a fundamental change in the drive and ambition of your team. Motivation will increase, and you’ll see serious change in all aspects of your business, including those that have been inhibiting growth.

So, I ask –
“What do you want to achieve in your business”?
“What standards have you set”?
“What goals are driving your business forward”?

Not sure? Get in touch with us. The team at There Be Giants are done with all the fluff and ever so obvious points with no direction.

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