Culture Consulting Services

If you’re striving for sustained growth, a healthy workplace culture is essential. Positive workplace culture and clear communication help to create an environment where employees are motivated and more receptive to growth strategies and goal management.

What we do

Our culture consulting services will help to identify any issues that could be holding your organisation back. We’ll then outline a set of recommendations to help you improve the environment for your employees.


The benefits of corporate culture consulting

Your corporate culture can make or break your business. Not only can it impact the productivity of your workforce, but it can also have a significant impact on your OKR success.

Corporate culture consulting can help you to highlight any workplace culture issues early on, so you can remedy them before it’s too late.

This process can also benefit your business in the following ways…

1. Create a competitive advantage

Some of the world’s leading brands have used their corporate culture to leverage their reputation and get ahead of the competition. This includes the likes of Spotify, Google and Twitter.

With the help of our corporate culture consultants, you can create a business environment that attracts and retains the best talent, fosters innovation and gain a competitive advantage over time.

2. Overcome resistance to change

When you’re used to sticking to the status quo, it can be difficult to break out of your normal routine and boost growth.

Corporate culture consulting can help you to shift your teams’ mindset and instil behaviours that give you a better chance at achieving your business goals.

3. Align your culture to your wider company objectives

Your corporate culture can support your organisational goals in a remarkable way.

Our consultants can help you to create a culture that encourages behaviours that are directly linked to your overall company objectives.

4. Improve the success of mergers and acquisitions

Combining contrasting teams and personalities can increase your risk of culture clashes.

So, if you’re planning a merger or acquisition, our culture consultants can help to ensure all teams work harmoniously and your business continues to thrive.

The TBG culture consulting process

No two businesses are the same, so we aim to provide a bespoke diagnosis and action plan for every client we work with. However, our culture consulting process generally includes the following elements…

1. Culture diagnosis

You need to know what is going on before implementing a solution. So our first step is to diagnose your current workplace culture and see where which areas require the most attention.

2. Improve your psychological

We’ll provide a personalised programme of support for senior management highlighting the actions needed to improve your teams’ psychological safety.

3. Impact of values, mindsets and behaviours

At this point, you’ll have already set your OKRs. So, our team will work closely with you to uncover the values, mindsets and behaviours that will give you the best chance of OKR success.

4. Leadership & facilitation coaching

We’ll help you to create a stronger, more cohesive leadership team. Our culture consultants will encourage leadership to commit to the ideal OKR culture and values.

5. The OKR Coach Academy

Once your workplace culture has been transformed, we’ll provide in-depth OKR coach training. This will help you successfully implement the OKR methodology within your organisation.


Our culture consulting services

No matter whether you’re looking for a full culture shift, or you need to make some minor changes, our culture consulting services can help.

Our corporate culture experts offer a wide range of solutions to help you create a business environment where OKRs thrive. This includes:


Why work with TBG?

Our team is crazy about OKRs, but without the right culture and processes in place, your OKR success is capped. That’s where TBG culture consulting services come in.

We’ve got a wealth of experience helping all kinds of businesses improve their company culture and implement OKRs successfully. Our team will get to the bottom of your internal culture issues and provide expert advice that will drive impactful results.


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When do you need corporate culture consulting?

Corporate culture consulting can be a great asset in many scenarios, this includes:

  • Mergers
  • Takeovers
  • During rapid organisational growth
  • When you aren’t seeing results from your OKRs

What does a corporate culture assessment involve?

Typically, a corporate culture assessment involves the following steps:

  • Data analysis – Numbers don’t lie, so taking a look at the facts and figures can highlight areas of concern when it comes to the health of your internal culture. Some key areas to look at include employee wellbeing measures, KPIs around staff turnover, sickness absence and so on.
  • Interviews – Interviews allow you to get a first-hand insight into your organisation’s culture from the people affected.
  • Workplace culture assessments – Tools such as McKinsey’s Organisational Health Index can help you assess your workplace culture and provide a basis for improvement.

How does corporate culture affect OKR implementation?

A negative corporate culture can be a real blocker to successful OKR implementation. Why?

  • The OKR process relies on strong employee motivation and engagement. In a toxic work environment, it’s unlikely that these factors will exist.
  • OKR reviews require regular communication between team members
  • Employees are unlikely to stretch due to the implications of failing

What does a culture consultant do?

The role of a culture consultant involves many tasks, including:

  • Carrying out workplace culture assessments
  • Conducting employee interviews
  • Conducting leadership training
  • Data analysis