Creating a culture where OKRs can thrive

by Roger Longden | Nov 20, 2019

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Imagine you’re a middle manager in a large multi-national business which has an engineering focus. In fact, the business is one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world. 

One day at work you receive a message from your CEO asking you to attend a meeting. You head off to the meeting and when you arrive, you’re greeted with the following:

“I’m tired of all these lousy body fits. You have 6 weeks to achieve world-class body fits. I have all your names. If we do not have good body fits in 6 weeks. I will replace all of you. Thank you for your time today.” 

You’re probably hearing this and feeling pretty motivated, but only by fear and not much else. TBG Founder Roger spoke on this very topic at this year’s OKR Forum. 

Watch Roger talk at this year’s Amsterdam OKR Forum about creating a culture where OKRs can thrive rather than die within a culture of fear and blame.

Not getting the impact from OKRs you hoped for?  We can help you step up your game.

There are several potential reasons why you might not be hitting OKR awesomeness. It may be that you need a simple tweak here and there, or in some cases you may require more significant re-engineering. Our Culture Practice has been designed to figure out why your OKRs aren’t thriving and then put in place a plan to help you move forward.

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