When it all comes together, is it luck, fate or great planning?

by Roger Longden | Apr 20, 2016

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I think it’s down to what you’ve created, even if it feels like luck.  You’ve made a series of decisions to take action, develop relationships and move down your chosen path.  Therefore, you get what you’ve created, one way or another!

The past seven days have really brought this home to me, big time and I feel fortunate beyond belief for the opportunities I’m now facing.  That’s what happens when you find yourself mentored by someone who’s worked with Jobs, and continues to work with global pioneers like Google and Apple.

It’s hard to believe that 2016 is only three and half months old.  I started the year as one half of a business partnership however, I’m now back to leading my own business along a very exciting growth path, based on some of the choices I’ve made over the past few months.

I’ve always enjoyed helping ambitious and creative businesses sharpen up their strategy and planning.  The problem is that the best plan in the world means nothing if it’s not steering day-to-day activity, and I’ve found this to be the weak link for many businesses.  I get curious when I see something that’s broken, which is why I undertook the research which allowed me to publish my White Paper on Performance Management earlier this year (you can get a copy of that here).

I always believed that technology has a contribution to make here.  Not to replace good management practice, but to support it and keep the priorities in the spotlight, especially given the pace of business today.  So, I got curious as to what options there were out there.

I evaluated a few and decided to build a relationship with the team at MyObjectives.com in Seattle.  I think it could well be one of the best business decisions I’ve made.

Initially, the start up support was delivered remotely, which was fine.  Then, with just 24 hours notice, the leading North American consultant (and principle architect) Brett Knowles arrived to accelerate my learning and the set up.  It’s been so much more than just learning the system, Brett   has been incredibly generous with sharing is knowledge and tools.  He even left me a LinkedIN recommendation!

Brett’s has been leading the way in driving and tracking business performance since the early 80’s and his pedigree spans from research at Harvard, through to the board room at Apple.  To have the chance to pick through the brain behind all that means that I’ve not stopped asking him questions for the past week (he’s now on plane home and enjoying some peace and quiet).

The bottom line is that There be Giants is now the UK launch partner for MyObjectives.com, which combines best practice in performance measurement with elements of psychology that motivates us to achieve more.

I’ve developed a number of products which will help clients define their strategy, and then develop their plan in an agile way.  This can then be supported by using MyObjectives.com to help translate the plan into everyday activity.

Initial demand has proven to be so strong, I’m now developing my own plans to scale up There be Giants.

Watch this space, as the future is feeling pretty giant.