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Culture vs Performance: What comes first?

by Molly Johnston | Feb 01, 2023

Culture, People, Performance, Performance Management, Values

Is it more important for you to create a healthy organisational culture to focus solely on performance and output? Well, you can definitely prioritise both without having to make sacrifices to either – even in the current climate.  For decades it has been argued that…

Getting started with a psychologically safe workplace

by Molly Johnston | Jan 16, 2023

Culture, Employee Experience, People, Values

In any workplace, psychological safety often goes hand in hand with company culture. If your company culture is up-to-scratch, research shows it could boost productivity by 56% and reduce employee turnover by 50%. Yet, a huge number of companies aren’t recognising the importance of incorporating…

What is EX? A strategic look into employee experience in 2023

by Molly Johnston | Jan 05, 2023

Culture, Employee Experience, Values

Employee experience (often abbreviated to EX) is exactly what it sounds like – your workers’ perceptions and feelings about their journey through all the different stages of their employment.  It’s now more important than ever to prioritise employee experience in 2023, no matter what industry…

How OKRs can be the answer to solving the disengaged workforce

by Carly Clyne | Sep 06, 2022


A report from Robert Walters, found that an alarming 60% of employees feel disengaged from their workplace. With many organisations operating a remote or hybrid working practice, the traditional tactics used to build a lively, inclusive, and social workplace culture are not enough. There are…

How can you successfully deliver change in your organisation?

by Tim Calderhead | Aug 30, 2022


There are a lot of tools and methods for planning and delivering change. If you’re delivering OKRs into your business, you’ll need a good change management plan.  Following on from our August video series, this blog post will apply the ‘4 Corners of Influence’ by…

Can OKRs Work to Fuel Business Innovation and Growth?

by Carly Clyne | Jun 20, 2022


With technology altering rapidly, this extreme rate of change opens up innovation opportunities for many businesses.  Innovation is all about evolution and learning to recognise any potential growth opportunities. Establishing any shortcomings before hitting a wall is crucial, as failing to do so could cost…