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The Difference Between Objectives and Key Results

by Alessia Ghiandoni | Apr 26, 2022

Goals, My Objectives, Productivity

Before we dive into the core differences between objectives and key results, let’s explore how using the OKR framework can help your organisation thrive.  How OKRs can help your organisation grow At There Be Giants, we see OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) as a way…

The future and how forced change could be the thing you never knew you needed

by Roger Longden | Apr 27, 2020

OKRS, Productivity

Global interest in one subject is very rare. It feels like the COVID-19 pandemic will affect not only people living through the current situation, but also generations to come. Forced Change and events shape our history. Think of the Berlin Wall falling, or 9/11, and…

Who would have thought things could change so fast?

by Roger Longden | Mar 23, 2020

alignment, Leadership, mindset, OKRS, People, Productivity

COVID-19 eh?  Who would have thought things could change so fast? First off – it goes without saying that all of team TBG are keeping everything crossed in the hope that you and your families are safe and healthy, and continue to be. These are…

Growth: Why Giants Appreciate an Exceptional Rose Bush When They See One

by Roger Longden | Jun 18, 2019

Leadership, Motivation, OKRS, Performance Management, Productivity

Growing Tall Talking about growth with giants might seem like a bit of a moot point but here’s the thing – we only got to grow so tall because we spent so much time focusing on growth. Not just for ourselves, but for each and…

Don’t run before you can jump… Get your goals aligned first!

by Roger Longden | Aug 30, 2018

Goals, People, Productivity

Are all your employees working towards a common goal? If they are, that’s great. However, chances are they’re not. People can be naturally curious and easily distracted and, even within an organisation, are likely to have a wide range of different ideas, both about what…

Dream big! Work hard! Success is there for those who believe! Have faith!

by Gill Arnott | Aug 03, 2018

Goals, Productivity

Yadda Yadda Yadda – Blah Blah feckin Blah – What a load of old bollocks. Seriously these pointless mindless bits of tripe that pop up all over social telling us how to get ahead and build a business empire drive me insane. If not complete…