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6 actionable ways to reward & recognise employee performance

by Molly Johnston | Dec 07, 2022

Performance Management

Employees are the heart of any organisation; without them, your company would simply not function as it should. That’s why keeping your teams motivated, engaged, and happy at work is absolutely essential. One way to tick all three off the list is to recognise and…

How to retain your top employees (and keep them happy!)

by Molly Johnston | Dec 01, 2022

Performance Management

Retaining employees has always been difficult. But, it’s become even more of a challenge since the pandemic started to ease. Staff members started to prioritise their time after an unexpected break from their traditional 9-5 and began to view work differently.  After entering a period…

Tactical vs Adaptive performance: How to find the sweet spot

by Molly Johnston | Dec 01, 2022

Performance Management

Defining the level of performance we need in today’s dynamic workforce is the first step toward motivating, managing, and rewarding it. Sounds easy, so why do so many get it wrong?  According to a Harvard Business Review (HBR) article, there are two types of employee…

What’s the link between company culture and performance?

by Georgia Parker | Mar 17, 2022

Performance Management

  At TBG we know just how powerful company culture can be and the crucial part it plays in improving company performance, not just company-wide but at an employee level. Although it is only just emerging into the mainstream of business development, getting ahead of…

5 key business metrics you should be monitoring

by Carly Clyne | Oct 01, 2021

OKRS, Performance Management, software, Strategy

Although the most successful businesses are fuelled by passion, heart and soul, it’s necessary at times to be driven by data. Business metrics are business performance measurement tools that give structure and direction to your business. Monitoring and interpreting them effectively holds the key to…

What is an OKR tracker and do you need one?

by Gill Arnott | Mar 22, 2021

alignment, OKRS, Performance Management, Process, software

YES! OKR tracking is essential for monitoring your progress throughout the OKR process. Whether you use a spreadsheet or a sophisticated piece of software, keeping an eye on your OKRs is vital for success. We are not for a moment saying that spreadsheets are dead…