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When do you need an OKR consultant?

by Jenny Bowes | Apr 22, 2021

Academy, Leadership, Motivation, OKRS

The OKR methodology is a set of practices and principles which can adapt to every organisation. This ensures that OKRs are embedded in the most impactful way. If your organisation is considering implementing OKRs there are a couple of things you need to know before…

How do you motivate others to achieve business goals

by Georgia Parker | Apr 15, 2021

alignment, Culture, mindset, Motivation, OKRS, People

Employee motivation is a force, it’s the wave that helps drive your business forward towards achieving your business goals. But what motivates your employees?  Finding ways to increase employee motivation can provide a world of benefits for your business. It can increase your chances of…

Growth: Why Giants Appreciate an Exceptional Rose Bush When They See One

by Roger Longden | Jun 18, 2019

Leadership, Motivation, OKRS, Performance Management, Productivity

Growing Tall Talking about growth with giants might seem like a bit of a moot point but here’s the thing – we only got to grow so tall because we spent so much time focusing on growth. Not just for ourselves, but for each and…

OKR examples that will motivate you to grow your business

by Roger Longden | Jan 04, 2019


Looking at OKR examples will help you to improve your understanding of OKRs, whilst providing inspiration for your own business objectives. OKR examples showcase how OKRs work in practice and you can clearly see how they can be used to grow a business. Of course,…

To strive, to serve and not to yield

by Roger Longden | Aug 19, 2018

Culture, mindset, Motivation, Values

To strive, to serve and not to yield* Sounds like a military motto right?  Actually, it belongs to the Outward Bound Trust, an organisation who has, since 1941, helped over 1.2 million young people push beyond their inner limits through the use of the great…

Here’s why you should transform employee engagement using OKRs

by Roger Longden | Jan 26, 2018

Culture, Leadership, Motivation, OKRS, People

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs for short) are changing how companies define and communicate success. Why not have a read through our free beginners guide to OKRs to get more information on how you can align and grow your company. Employee engagement can make all…