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Event: OKRs – building alignment, breaking down silos and boosting results

by Roger Longden | Feb 17, 2020


Would it help to have a system which reinforces great teamwork and collaboration? If so, today is your lucky day so read on my friend…. About this Event How would it help you to have a framework which routinely builds alignment, commitment and focus on…

Creating a culture where OKRs can thrive

by Roger Longden | Nov 20, 2019

Culture, Event, OKRS

Imagine you’re a middle manager in a large multi-national business which has an engineering focus. In fact, the business is one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world.  One day at work you receive a message from your CEO asking you to attend a…

You Don’t Have to Innovate Alone: Our Recent OKR Meet Up

by Roger Longden | Jun 22, 2017

Event, OKRS, People

Being an innovator can often feel like a solitary adventure:  beating your path through the thick jungle, treading where no one has set foot before – and no one to learn from or to guide you along the way. Then there are those just a few steps behind…