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Overcoming the challenges of managing hybrid workplace culture

by Alessia Ghiandoni | Mar 24, 2022

Culture, People

With the rise of the new coronavirus, the entire planet has had to face a situation never seen before. People could not leave the house, meet one another or commute to work. However, thanks to modern technologies it has been possible for many companies to…

How to manage culture change in the workplace

by Georgia Parker | Mar 07, 2022

Culture, People

  Workplace culture change is a real buzzphrase at the moment as organisations around the world continue to wrestle with the challenges presented by the global pandemic. We now have two years of experience working from home, in sectors and occupations where this is possible,…

How to build culture in a remote team

by Carly Clyne | Mar 03, 2022

alignment, Culture, Goals

The events of the past couple of years pushed many organisations to become fully remote, and the experience has been better than many imagined. Adapting to this working model might seem straightforward in theory, but can prove to be more nuanced in practice, especially when…

How to align employee goals with corporate objectives

by Carly Clyne | Feb 21, 2022

alignment, Culture, Goals

Align employee goals with corporate objectives and reap the rewards of a more streamlined, growing strategically-aligned business. Why should you align employee goals with corporate objectives?  Organisational goals are a powerful tool in your organisation and help people and organisations achieve more and faster. It…

What does business alignment look like in real life?

by Alessia Ghiandoni | Feb 15, 2022

alignment, Culture, engagement, Values

Here at TBG, we understand how important transformational business alignment and strategic development can be. But, we also know how confusing and challenging it can be for businesses to tap into these strategies. De-mystifying business buzzwords and understanding how we can harness powerful strategies with…

The benefits of creating a leadership culture and changing leadership culture

by Georgia Parker | Oct 14, 2021


The term leadership culture can be interpreted in two key ways. These are:  The culture of leadership in the business: By this, we mean how leaders behave and the impact that this has on the rest of the organisation, either in terms of helping create…