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Culture vs Performance: What comes first?

by Molly Johnston | Feb 01, 2023

Culture, People, Performance, Performance Management, Values

Is it more important for you to create a healthy organisational culture to focus solely on performance and output? Well, you can definitely prioritise both without having to make sacrifices to either – even in the current climate.  For decades it has been argued that…

Getting started with a psychologically safe workplace

by Molly Johnston | Jan 16, 2023

Culture, Employee Experience, People, Values

In any workplace, psychological safety often goes hand in hand with company culture. If your company culture is up-to-scratch, research shows it could boost productivity by 56% and reduce employee turnover by 50%. Yet, a huge number of companies aren’t recognising the importance of incorporating…

What is EX? A strategic look into employee experience in 2023

by Molly Johnston | Jan 05, 2023

Culture, Employee Experience, Values

Employee experience (often abbreviated to EX) is exactly what it sounds like – your workers’ perceptions and feelings about their journey through all the different stages of their employment.  It’s now more important than ever to prioritise employee experience in 2023, no matter what industry…

Is it time to rethink your employee performance appraisal method?

by Molly Johnston | Jan 04, 2023

Appraisals, Culture, Employee Experience

When it comes down to it, who actually enjoys performance appraisals? It’s not just the employees that fill with dread when their annual performance review is due, managers hate them too. Quite frankly, they’re awkward and nerve-wracking for all parties involved. So, why are most…

Overcoming the challenges of managing hybrid workplace culture

by Alessia Ghiandoni | Mar 24, 2022

Culture, People

With the rise of the new coronavirus, the entire planet has had to face a situation never seen before. People could not leave the house, meet one another or commute to work. However, thanks to modern technologies it has been possible for many companies to…

How to manage culture change in the workplace

by Georgia Parker | Mar 07, 2022

Culture, People

  Workplace culture change is a real buzzphrase at the moment as organisations around the world continue to wrestle with the challenges presented by the global pandemic. We now have two years of experience working from home, in sectors and occupations where this is possible,…