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Podcast thoughts: OKRs & Agile Growth

by Lawrence Walsh | Sep 02, 2019


Hi Everyone, Hope you’re looking forward to this week’s podcast. In it I am joined by the awesome RJ Macasaet COO of Ubiqum Code Academy. We discuss how OKRs & Agile link together and the interplay between them. RJ has been in the world of…

Podcast #6: Cross Functional OKRs

by Roger Longden | May 22, 2019

OKR Podcast

In this episode we’re delighted to be talking to one of the most recent Giant Lawrence Walsh. We chat about customer service, lace pinnies, business growth and the importance of leadership and positive culture.

Podcast #5: Transformation through positive coaching and leadership

by Roger Longden | May 08, 2019

OKR Podcast

Coaching is at the core of our approach so in this episode we are delighted to be talking with Georgia Parker from Whole Spectrum about coaching enabled transformational leadership.