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Podcast thoughts: OKRs & Agile Growth

by Lawrence Walsh | Sep 02, 2019


Hi Everyone, Hope you’re looking forward to this week’s podcast. In it I am joined by the awesome RJ Macasaet COO of Ubiqum Code Academy. We discuss how OKRs & Agile link together and the interplay between them. RJ has been in the world of…

Escaping the Clutches of the Corporate World: There Be Giants

by Emma Stocks | Apr 25, 2019


Roger Longden, founder of Bury-based company There be Giants, writes about his experience forming the UK’s leading OKR consultancy. OKR? Read on to find out more.

Change: Embracing it with OKRs

by Emma Stocks | Apr 16, 2019


Change-Making It’s that time of year again. The start of the new financial year (for many of you). Time to settle down and bed-in for the year ahead. Have you looked at what changes you’ll be making in your business in the next twelve months?…

The role of OKRs in performance management

by Roger Longden | Mar 21, 2019

Goals, OKRS

There’s no denying that performance management (objectives, evaluations, the annual appraisal) has been dysfunctional in most organisations for many years.  Typical annual cycles don’t allow for the agility demanded by the volatility, uncertainty and opportunity of the modern economy.  Science also tells us that appraisals…

Incremental OKRs – stop being busy & start being successful

by Roger Longden | Mar 21, 2019

Goals, OKRS

Going a bit “micro” with this blog, but it’s worth it It goes directly to the quality of the key results you create and the outcomes you aim for. First, let’s just be clear on the qualities which make up a good key result: Clear…

Cross functional OKRs – breaking through the silos on the Death Star

by Roger Longden | Mar 21, 2019

Goals, OKRS

It almost seems a fact of life for businesses who scale: Growth means more people, more teams – even in this digital age where automation means greater efficiency. With this organisational expansion comes complexity and also a carving up of budgets and resources, and that…