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The benefits of culture training in the workplace

by Georgia Parker | Mar 29, 2021

alignment, Culture, OKRS, People, Values

Let’s start with a simple definition of workplace culture as being “the way we do things around here”. Whilst this is a simple definition, it encompasses the complexity of what culture is in terms of our individual and collective behaviours, thoughts, feelings, values, priorities and…

Can you pick up where you left?

by Georgia Parker | Jul 07, 2020


Arguably organisational leadership has never been more important. Your organisation has been through the most significant challenge it has perhaps ever experienced. Your services have been stretched to the limit. Some of your colleagues may have been seriously ill or died or lost a loved…

Giant Watch – measuring and consciously creating the right culture for growth

by Lawrence Walsh | Jun 22, 2020

Culture, Giant Watch, OKRS

Culture can be a killer for OKRs, so are you measuring and consciously creating the right culture for growth? Join team TBG for episode two of Giant Watch  About this Event Perhaps you’re just starting to consider OKRs and so would benefit from some early…