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How to use the OKR goal setting framework to fuel your growth

by Gill Arnott | Mar 15, 2021

Goals, Innovation, My Objectives, OKRS

Let’s take a step back. Before we dive into how to use the OKR framework let’s look at why and how using OKRs will help your organisation grow. By setting OKRs, you’re focusing on the priority projects which will help to fuel your business growth.…

A guide to setting objectives for business growth

by Roger Longden | Feb 19, 2021

alignment, My Objectives, OKRS

As with any business change, setting objectives and getting started with OKRs isn’t a walk in the park. It takes dedication, time and effort. However, they are so worth the dedication once implemented. If you crack the art of writing effective OKRs, the world is…

Giant Watch – Striving for organisational agility? Is HR at the core of your business?

by Lawrence Walsh | May 26, 2020

Giant Watch, OKRS

Giant Watch Episode 1 – Striving for organisational agility? Is HR at the core of your business? In 2017, 94% of 10,000 HR Leaders across 140 countries said agility and collaboration are absolutely critical to an organisations success. Agility has never been more important, so…

The future and how forced change could be the thing you never knew you needed

by Roger Longden | Apr 27, 2020

OKRS, Productivity

Global interest in one subject is very rare. It feels like the COVID-19 pandemic will affect not only people living through the current situation, but also generations to come. Forced Change and events shape our history. Think of the Berlin Wall falling, or 9/11, and…

Guest Blog: OKRs and the culture of progress

by Jenny Bowes | Feb 25, 2020

Guest Post

This week our guest blog on OKR Culture comes from Mark Greenley. Mark is the Head of Business Transformation at Victoria Plum and a valued client of There Be Giants. Mark is interested in reading and writing about how we can find better, more meaningful…

Event: OKRs – building alignment, breaking down silos and boosting results

by Roger Longden | Feb 17, 2020


Would it help to have a system which reinforces great teamwork and collaboration? If so, today is your lucky day so read on my friend…. About this Event How would it help you to have a framework which routinely builds alignment, commitment and focus on…