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OKRs: not just for January

by Gill Arnott | Jan 30, 2020


Ah, January, the month of change. As we go into February, how are your New Years’ resolutions going?  Are they dead and buried, or are you still trying to push a square peg through a round hole?  Only 12% of us will actually stick to…

Talking OKRs down under

by Lawrence Walsh | Jan 14, 2020

OKR Podcast, OKRS

Today we talk to Emma Lo Russo of Digivizer all the way from Sydney Australia. Emma co-founded Digivizer in 2010 with her business partner Clinton Larson. In today’s podcast we talk about Digivizer, the growth of the company and OKRs in Australia. Lawrence: Morning everybody welcome…

Stay, stay, stay, stay staying aligned! Staying aligned!

by Lawrence Walsh | Jan 06, 2020

OKR Podcast, Values

Yes, we are kicking off 2020 with a Bee Gees reference! It’s a relevant reference because in today’s podcast we talk to Clarissa from Hoppinger about the organisations use of OKRs and how they keep their business aligned when managing multiple projects and multiple clients.…

BlueWeek – OKRs in the European Market

by Roger Longden | Dec 10, 2019


BlueWeek was a weeklong series of free educational webinars from OKR and business leaders from across the globe. Presented by CoBlue, the leading Brazilian OKR company, who are working as a SAAS and consultancy firm within the Brazilian marketplace. As part of BlueWeek Roger spoke…

Creating a culture where OKRs can thrive

by Roger Longden | Nov 20, 2019

Culture, Event, OKRS

Imagine you’re a middle manager in a large multi-national business which has an engineering focus. In fact, the business is one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world.  One day at work you receive a message from your CEO asking you to attend a…

So you read Measure What Matters and you gave OKRs a go. So, how do you avoid those soggy bottoms?

by Roger Longden | Nov 12, 2019

OKRS, Process

There’s no denying that Measure What Matters brought OKRs out of the geekdom of tech & software and into the mainstream and, for that alone, I would happily buy John Doerr a beer. 12 months on though, it’s fascinating to see the impact it has…