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OKRs and monitor employee performance: Help or hindrance?

by Carly Clyne | Dec 10, 2021


In simple terms, employee performance is how a member of staff fulfils the duties of their role and completes required tasks. A measure of performance can include the quality, quantity and efficiency of work. By conducting regular employee performance reviews and evaluations, leaders can paint…

How to build a more inclusive culture in the workplace

by Georgia Parker | Dec 03, 2021


Inclusive cultures promote productivity, improve employee engagement, increase employee retention and more. That’s why it’s no surprise that many businesses are dedicating a lot of time and effort to build a more inclusive culture in the workplace. But what are the steps involved? Our workplace…

7 top tips for culture change management

by Georgia Parker | Nov 28, 2021


Culture change management is the process of inciting and monitoring a culture shift within a business. When it comes to company culture changes, the aim should always be to create a healthy culture, whilst putting the tools in place to sustain it. A toxic workplace…

Create effective professional development plans with OKRs

by Carly Clyne | Nov 17, 2021

Goals, OKRS, People

Professional development plans are essential for growth and successful career progression, but you’ll need to nail them from the start to get the results you want. We all have characteristics that make us good at what we do and influence the ways in which we…

How to set employee goals

by Carly Clyne | Nov 07, 2021


Much of a company’s strategic planning centres on overarching business goals – but within those (and within their OKR framework), individually-focused employee goals are essential for sustained success. Amongst other things, setting good employee goals enables you to supercharge your workforce, maintaining motivated, productive teams…

Common strategic planning issues for businesses and how to overcome them

by Carly Clyne | Nov 01, 2021


Strategic change comes in many shapes and sizes for organisations, whether that be a new leadership style, or innovative product pivot, or diversification. A solid corporate strategy lays the groundwork for growth and development, but strategic planning issues can put this on hold. Understanding the…