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How does the OKR process work?

by Gill Arnott | Jan 11, 2021


OKRs are not a model to get right or wrong!  They are intrinsically a collection of principles and practices that can be interpreted and applied in many different ways. There is no one size fits all. So, it begs the question “How does the OKR…

Can you pick up where you left?

by Georgia Parker | Jul 07, 2020


Arguably organisational leadership has never been more important. Your organisation has been through the most significant challenge it has perhaps ever experienced. Your services have been stretched to the limit. Some of your colleagues may have been seriously ill or died or lost a loved…

Giant Talk – In conversation with Brett Knowles

by Lawrence Walsh | Mar 09, 2020


Giant Talk: The world’s first OKR podcast in partnership with Koan is excited to bring you a three part miniseries featuring special guest Brett Knowles. Brett is an OKR oracle and has recently written a fascinating article on BJ Fogg’s Behaviour Change Model and its…

Stay, stay, stay, stay staying aligned! Staying aligned!

by Lawrence Walsh | Jan 06, 2020

OKR Podcast, Values

Yes, we are kicking off 2020 with a Bee Gees reference! It’s a relevant reference because in today’s podcast we talk to Clarissa from Hoppinger about the organisations use of OKRs and how they keep their business aligned when managing multiple projects and multiple clients.…

Jamaica’n Me Crazy for OKRs!

by Lawrence Walsh | Nov 04, 2019


Last week, Roger and I were lucky enough to work with a client in Kingston. When Roger first informed me about them I thought he must be talking about the lovely, riverside town of Kingston-Upon-Thames. Whilst this all sounded great, I didn’t exactly give the…

What are OKRs?

by Emma Stocks | May 20, 2019

OKRS, Performance Management, Process, Strategy, Values

OKR Meaning The meaning of OKRs is Objectives and Key Results. That’s it. You have your three word acronym. As a methodology, OKRs are an agile approach to motivating and managing performance in line with business strategy. Objectives and Key Results is a research-based methodology…